22 October 2014

Event Coverage

Biggest Game Show on Earth

Eddy Sterckx sends us his annual report from Essen 2014

PC Game Preview

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire Early Access Preview

Angus Baker gives us a look from a testers point of view

Press Release

Keep your Powder Dry

Pike & Shot is out now!

PC Game Preview

Verdun is Frustrating

World War 1 FPS gets a first look

Book Review

Da Nang Diary

A Forward Air Controllers Gunsight View of Flying with SOG


Gameloading Rise of the Indies

Zoe Quinn and other female game makers speak out about the harassment of women in the games industry

iPad Game Review

World War II Sandbox - Strategy & Tactics

A first look at this WW2 era iOS game; good, bad or other?

Historical Article

Clipped Wings of the Rising Sun

Japan's Aircraft Carrier Operations in WWII


Exodus Wars Fractured Empire Giveaway

Free Steam codes for 3 lucky readers

Historical Article

Blazing Sunset of the Coastal Artillery Pt 2

The Siege of the Fortified Islands of Manila Bay 1942

Latest News

Press Release

Wrath of the Nagas Makes Hissssssstory in Warlock 2: The Exiled Today

Hextraordinary Hexpansion Hexplodes into Hexistence with New Campaign, Race, Mages, and Mac/Linux Support

Press Release

Matrix Deal of the Week - Pride of Nations

A day later than normal, but still here

Press Release

A new update for Piercing Fortress Europa

Matrix release v1.04 with game improvements

Press Release

Latest Update from the Frontier is Explosive, Lads!

Midnight Defense At SkullSwamp Arsenal: Clockwork Empires Early Access Update Gets Landmines, UI Overhaul and Advanced Combat AI

Press Release

Supreme Ruler Ultimate Released

Latest version now available

Press Release

Galactic Civilizations III Early Access Gets Major Beta Content Drop

New Diplomacy Feature and a New Playable Race Now Live

Press Release

Prepare For Action, Hotshots!

Wings! Remastered EditionTM Out Today On PC Via Digital

Press Release

Empyrion - Galactic Survival launches Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

3D free roaming, space survival adventure

Press Release

Worlds of Magic Gets A New Race

The new race of Orcs, Heroes, Champions and a dangerous world of Fire now added to Worlds of Magic in a massive update

Press Release

Battle Group 2 Featured in Windows Phone Deals Promotion

Naval Warfare / Action Mobile Game

Press Release

Help El Presidente Save The Island

Brand New Tropico 5 DLC ‘Generalissimo’ Out Today!

Press Release

Crews and Commanders detailed in Armored Warfare

My.com reveals the personnel behind the tanks in team-based action MMO

Press Release

Haegemonia Legions of Iron on iPad, Android and Mac

Microïds announces the release of Haegemonia: Legions of Iron, a reference in space strategy

Press Release

Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne Brings Glory To Your Computer Today

Another century to play and greater customization in new expansion

Press Release

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition

New Dev Diary Out Now

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X-COM Enemy Unknown

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Pike and Shot

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Event Coverage: Biggest Game Show on Earth

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