20 August 2014

iPad Game Review

Battleplan: The American Civil War iOS

Released recently, backed by Osprey Publishing; but how does it rate?

Historical Article

Rise and Fall of an Imperial Dream Part 3

The Japanese Battleship Fleet in WWII


Win a Victory at Sea

Free Steam codes for 3 lucky readers

PC Game Review

Birth of America 2: Wars in America

We look back at this 2008 release to see how it has stood up to the passage of time

Event Coverage

Historicon 2014

Kickin it Old School at the mother of all wargaming conventions.

Book Review

Gettysburg - The Last Invasion

Another book on what may be the worlds most covered battle gets the review treatment

Historical Article

Rise and Fall of an Imperial Dream Part 2

The Japanese Battleship Fleet in WWII


Clockwork Empires

Steampunk horror on its way to your PC

Historical Article

Rise and Fall of an Imperial Dream

The Japanese Battleship Fleet in WWII

Press Release

Take your ticket to Armageddon!

Sign up for the Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon Beta

Latest News

Press Release

Are you better than Lee or Grant?

Battleplan: American Civil War On iOS® & PC Challenges You To Do Better Than The Generals Of Old!

Press Release

Valiant Hearts: The Great War on iOS

Coming to a tablet near you early September

Press Release

Space is full of competitors

Space Program Manager unveils its multiplayer modes

Press Release

East Prussia '14

John Tiller Software’s new First World War Campaigns game

Press Release

Distant Worlds: Universe gets a new update

Matrix updates their Real Time Sci-Fi game

Press Release

Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich

Matrix Games Current Deal of the Week

Press Release

Battle Academy 2 gets a release date!

Official release date and Steam version announced for Battle Academy 2

Press Release

Revolution on Monday

Matrix Deal of the Week - Revolution Under Siege

Press Release

Act of Agression

Eugen Systems reboot the golden era of RTS; see the teaser trailer

Press Release

Victory at Sea is Launched

Tabletop inspired naval game available on Steam

Press Release

Reinforcements on the Frontline!

The Eastern Front is now opened to PC gamers

Press Release

Sci-fi RTS Etherium new info released

The campaign and NPC sub-factions of Etherium introduced in a round of screenshots

Press Release

Hunted Cow Studios brings Civil War: 1863 to the Mac

5-star rated iOS game receives a long-awaited OSX version

Press Release

Wargamer PC Game of the Year 2013 Gets an Update

A major update for Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm

Press Release

Better Late Than Never

Matrix Deal of the Week - Napoleon in Italy

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Interview: Clockwork Empires

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