30 October 2014

PC Game Preview

The Kaisers Eastern War

John Tillers East Prussia 14 reviewed by Jim Cobb

Historical Article

Clipped Wings of the Rising Sun Part 2

Japan's Aircraft Carrier Operations in WWII

PC Game Preview

Road To Empire

Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne reviewed by James Tanaleon


How To Race To The Moon

Buzz Aldrins Space Program Manager Wargamer.com Interview

Press Release

Sid Meiers Civilization: Beyond Earth Now Available for Windows PC

Shape the future of humanity on an alien planet in new sci-fi instalment of renowned, turn-based strategy franchise

Press Release

Winter is Coming to iPad

Battle Academys sequel is out now!

PC Game Review

Using Pike and Shot in Anger

Colonel Bill charges his firelock, makes ready and discharges ball in review of Slitherines latest PC offering. Did he find his powder dry?

Event Coverage

Biggest Game Show on Earth

Eddy Sterckx sends us his annual report from Essen 2014

PC Game Preview

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire Early Access Preview

Angus Baker gives us a look from a testers point of view

Press Release

Keep your Powder Dry

Pike & Shot is out now!

Latest News

Press Release

Perfect the Art of War in New Expansion for Europa Universalis IV Today

You Gotta Have Faith to Conquer the Most Detailed Map Ever

Press Release

Victory at Sea Launches its Biggest Update Yet

Latest version allows play as the Imperial Japanese Navy

Press Release

Lobsters of Doom!!!! Strike that. Crabs of Doom!

Battlefront release Vehicle Pack for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

Press Release

Lucasfilm Games Going Cheap

Disney Interactive and GOG.com Join Forces to Release Classic Lucasfilm Games

Press Release

Democracy 3: Clones & Drones Released

DLC expansion for the political strategy game Democracy 3

Press Release

New USSR MiG Fighters Take Flight in World of Warplanes

Flight combat MMO gets new aircraft line, bigger map and revamped warplane roster in Update 1.6

Press Release

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Reveals First-ever In-Game Character Renders

Take a Look Inside the Game Fit for a Dead King

Press Release

Strike Suit Zero Creators Reveal Tactical Space Combat PC Game, Fractured Space

New game to get Steam Early Access and 2015 release

Press Release

Starcave Entertainment Announces T.E.R.R.A.

Genres collide in explosive “AAA” title!

Press Release

Wrath of the Nagas Makes Hissssssstory in Warlock 2: The Exiled Today

Hextraordinary Hexpansion Hexplodes into Hexistence with New Campaign, Race, Mages, and Mac/Linux Support

Press Release

Matrix Deal of the Week - Pride of Nations

A day later than normal, but still here

Press Release

A new update for Piercing Fortress Europa

Matrix release v1.04 with game improvements

Press Release

Latest Update from the Frontier is Explosive, Lads!

Midnight Defense At SkullSwamp Arsenal: Clockwork Empires Early Access Update Gets Landmines, UI Overhaul and Advanced Combat AI

Press Release

Supreme Ruler Ultimate Released

Latest version now available

Press Release

Galactic Civilizations III Early Access Gets Major Beta Content Drop

New Diplomacy Feature and a New Playable Race Now Live

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Event Coverage: Biggest Game Show on Earth

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