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Published on 7/16/2008 by Scott Parrino.



2007’s crop of wargames was one of the best yet. We counted a whopping 31 titles this year that fell into the wargaming genre, and while the competition was tough, selecting clear winners wasn’t. 


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Awarded the Bronze was a re-issue and update of a classic series of games, John Tiller’s Campaign Series – Matrix Edition. Combining the classic Talonsoft titles, West Front, East Front, and Rising Sun, updating them to run on the latest Windows operating systems, and the addition of multiple countries and units ensure that this title made it to the top three wargames of 2007.


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Coming in with the Silver was the next evolution from VR Designs’. Advanced Tactics: World War II offered a highly customizable game that allowed for scenario design, chain of command, and unit creation all to be as malleable as a player could want. The flexible, addictive game, found the sweet spot between complexity and playability and made it a second choice for favorite wargame of 2007.


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The Bronze and Silver may have gone to the games set in the Second World War, but it was AGEOD’s American Civil War – The Blue and the Gray which was a head and shoulders favorite for best wargame of the year. The mix of playability and detail made for a complex wargame that might daunt novice gamers, but AGEOD struck gold when they crafted it for wargamers, and our readers responded by overwhelming numbers in voting it as best wargame of 2007.

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