Title Game Title Date Created
Video Roll Call: Scourge of War Gettysburg Conclusion, Rule the Waves, EU IV, and more 8/21/2015
Unity of Command 2 "won't be panzer porn" Unity of Command 8/20/2015
The Close Combat-inspired Firefight returns to Windows soon 8/19/2015
Pike & Shot Campaigns gets theatrical today Pike & Shot Campaigns 8/13/2015
First DLC for Galactic Civilizations III brings Dread Lords, space monsters -- and 3D printable ships Galactic Civilizations III 8/12/2015
AGEod show off their not-quite-announced new Napoleonic game Napoleon's Campaigns II 8/12/2015
Eggs-emplary: The trailer for Conflicks must be seen to be believed Conflicks 8/11/2015
Don't mention the war: New trailer for Hearts of Iron IV shows the fall of Britain Hearts of Iron IV 8/10/2015
Video Roll Call: XCOM 2 screenshots, Total War Warhammer, Scourge of War, and more 8/7/2015
Dudek's Battlelog: Mortain 8/7/2015
Paradox reveals Stellaris, their first sci-fi grand strategy game Stellaris 8/6/2015
Four Questions with Rule the Waves designer Fredrik Wallin Rule the Waves 8/6/2015
Heroes of Normandie breaks out of beta, headed for PC release in September Heroes of Normandie 8/6/2015
The View from the Bunker: A Wargaming Wishlist 8/6/2015
Let's pore over these new XCOM 2 screenshots XCOM 2 8/5/2015
Get lost: Naval Action, from the makers of Ultimate General, isn't holding your hand Naval Action 8/4/2015
What is Paradox's new Project Augustus? Project Augustus 8/4/2015
A Most Unusual Tale 8/3/2015
The Emperor Returns! - NORBSOFTDEV gets its inner Grog up with a new take on the battle of Waterloo Scourge of War: Waterloo 7/31/2015
Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords - A Review by James Tanaleon Crusader Kings II 7/30/2015

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