A roguelike with another sort of Paladins and Priests: Armoured Commander

By Owen Faraday 14 Oct 2015 0

I've had one eye on Armoured Commander since Tim Stone mentioned it way back in February, and last week I finally saw my opportunity to get into it: creator Gregory Scott has published a tutorial video for the game on YouTube, which cranks down the barrier to entry for his entirely unique WWII roguelike game. 

The roguelike genre has been every almost game developer's air-quotes secret ingredient for the last couple of years. It's inescapably fashionable to work random level generation, permadeath, and RPG-style character development into a game -- though it's rare to see those characteristics appear in something we'd typically cover around these parts. Armoured Commander is an exotic beast.

Scott's game casts you as the commander of a Sherman tank rolling through France in 1944. Your commander character and the individually-modelled members of your crew gain skills and abilities as (or if) they survive encounters with their German counterparts, and you can upgrade your historically-accurate Sherman with equipment or even switch to one of the many M4 variants Scott has procured for your use. Scott has never seen a bit of WWII combat minutae that he didn't want to model in his game: everything is in there from shell types to smoke effects and open/close states for your tank's hatches. I can imagine that Gregory Scott's chili recipe involves upending his refrigerator over the pot.

This is a brave mix of genres and I wasn't scared off by the game's reputed difficulty (Scott proudly displays a pull quote from Tim Stone on his official site calling Armoured Commander "decidedly" cruel) but I was slightly less keen to grapple with a keyboard-driven Dwarf Fortress-esque UI without somebody to baby-step me through it. Scott's done just that with a Quick Start Guide video that I've embedded below that also gives you a great flavour for the game. You should watch it, and then immediately go to armouredcommander.com and download the entirely free game. It's just 6.9 MB -- you don't even have to delete anything to make room for it.



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