AGEod show off their not-quite-announced new Napoleonic game

By Owen Faraday 12 Aug 2015 0

French developers AGEod have been pussy-footing around the announcement of their next game, dropping hints on the AGEod forums over the past year about a new Napoleonic wargame in the pipeline for 2015. Today, publishers Matrix Games unveiled three previously unseen screenshots of this mystery game which--maddeningly--still has no title. If we're going to speculate (and I do love some wild baseless speculation) we can assume that this is Napoleon's Campaigns II, the sequel one of AGEod's most popular titles dating all the way back to 2007.

The developer's proprietary AGEod engine has matured significantly since then, and the map in the screenshot below might represent the most detailed swath of territory we've ever seen in an AGEod game. AGEod's mechanics emphasise the importance of leaders and command organization, making the star-studded and richly documented Napoleonic Wars prime territory for their style of game. 

AGEod's new Napoleon game--whatever the heck it's called--is presumably due out this year. We'll keep our ears to the ground for more details. Head over to Matrix's website to see a third screenshot.




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