Cities: Skylines to get weather effects and more

By Dave Neumann 27 Jan 2016 0

Cities: Skylines isn't a wargame, but it is one of the best strategy games I have installed on my laptop. The only downside is that I rarely ever play it. That's not really the game's fault but my own lack of willpower and not having the ability to walk away before the sun is coming up and my entire next day is ruined. I used to blame Sid Meier for games like this, but this one is from Paradox and Uncle Sid had nothing to do with it.

Last year Paradox released the first expansion for Cities: Skylines called After Dark. It added a day/night cycle as well as allowed you to specialize your zones for leisure and tourism. Paradox has announced a new expansion coming later this year called Snowfall. This one will add weather effects including rain, fog, and, of course, snow. You'll have to manage events such as increased energy usage when the temperature drops and plows. Lots and lots of salt and plows. The expansion will also shore up the public transportation systems, making them easier to control, as well as adding a new form of transportation: trams.

Cities: Skylines is available now for PC/Mac. You can nab the base game for $30 or throw in the After Dark expansion for an extra $10. 



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