Civil War 2 Live Action Review - Part 1

By Jean Marciniak 11 Oct 2013 0

After reviewing and playing Civil War 2 for a bit I decided to go for the long haul and play a full 107 turn campaign from start to finish as the Confederacy. I wanted to see if I have what it takes to keep the Confederacy from crumbling to ashes. Starting the game I decided to play The Coming Fury campaign, which would put me in command of both eastern and western theaters of war. I chose this campaign because there?s no point of challenging myself if I don?t play the full game and see what it was like to actually run the whole war. Plus in some aspects the western theater was just as important as the eastern. 

So you?re probably wondering ... what?s the plan? Well I gave that some thought and I have two options. A defensive campaign or an offensive one? With a defensive campaign I can consolidate my forces and strengthen all my defences so that I can make the Union pay heavily for every foot of ground. On top of which I would take less causalities with a defensive campaign, and inflict more on the enemy. The problem with this though is that the Union has a abundant amount of resources, and as the war drags on they will have more and more and I will have less and less. They also have control of the seas, which means this will affect my financing soon and fielding new brigades will get more difficult as time goes on. My only chance is to utilize the forces I have now, which currently outnumber the Union, and  smash into their defences. I need to destroy their army and then move on to their cities and bring the war home. So after deciding to go ahead with an offensive campaign I decided on two goals, one for each theater.

The Eastern Theater - I have two main armies in this area. Bureaguard?s with about 22,000 men, and Johnston?s with about 10,000. The main mission of these armies is to draw the Union Army out into the open where it can be destroyed (Yes I took that from Gettysburg). If I can separate their army into smaller pieces and destroy them piecemeal even better. If I have a hard time getting them out of their DC fortifications I will invade The North and destroy their infrastructure. They will have no choice but to intercept my army.

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The Western Theater - I have about two or three main armies here. One in Tennessee and the others in Missouri and Arkansas. These armies compromise about 30-40,000 men in total. These forces are going to invade Illinois & Indiana to occupy Union cities and destroy the rail network.

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My ultimate goal in this plan of action is to overwhelm Union forces while I still have the upper hand in men and supplies. I want to obliterate or seriously damage their field armies, and then wreck havoc in the North. A scorched earth policy in the North will certainly bring the North to its knees very quickly. 

Now before I begin with my LAR video I want to mention how my viewpoints about Lee have changed while thinking of this plan. I originally thought Lee?s plan of invading the North in the summer of 1863 to be a mistake. Now I see why he did it. I see the urgency in destroying the Union army and bringing the war to a close as quickly as possible; because like him, if I don?t smash the Union quickly they are guaranteed a victory.


So that?s the plan. Let?s see how I do ?




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