Civil War 2 Live Action Review - Part 2

By Jean Marciniak 18 Oct 2013 0

Eastern Front

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Not going well at all. So Beauregard?s Army continued their attack into Pennsylvania taking Gettysburg ;), and ripping apart all rail between Virginia and Pennsylvania. Unfortunately his army is having a hard time crossing the river into Harrisburg, which I believe is due to mud and bad winter weather. So his army at the time is stalled. Stuck in the middle of nowhere and bogged down. My hope that the Union Army would race to Pennsylvania to engage his forces failed to materialize.

Instead The Union sent two armies into Virginia. One (about 10,000) that?s ripping apart the Shenandoah Valley, and the other (20,000) began a siege of my forces in Hampton Roads. I don?t know how long those troops can hold out. There?s only about 6,000 of them facing 20,000 Union.

Due to the Yankee invasion of Virginia, I gathered up the Norfolk Army (about 5,000) and had them rush up to join forces with J.E. Johnston?s forces in Northern Virginia. This combined force will be in charge of ridding the Shenandoah Valley of those pesky 10,000 union troops.

Concerning the Hampton Roads siege I have Lee in command of the Richmond Army of approximately 20,000. Their task will be to relieve the siege at Hampton Roads. Now this will be difficult because the odds are 1 to 1. But I must try otherwise 6,000 troops will surrender and I cannot afford such a loss.


Western Front

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A.S. Johnston is now in command of the Tennessee Army, which is roughly 22,000 men. Their mission will be to cross the river into Missouri, take New Madrid & Charleston, and then move north to invade Illinois. He will be supported by the Army of The West (roughly 5,000) troops, as well as Price?s Command ( roughly 5,400), which will move to St. Louis and invade Illinois from the west while Johnston comes up from The South. The job of both these armies is to cause as much damage in Illinois as possible. This will hopefully attract some Union forces in the east and alleviate the problems in Virginia.


My hope with my overall campaign is that Beauregard?s army can move to Harrisburg and Philadelphia and cause so much damage to the Yankee infrastructure that:

1) European Powers might enter the war

2) The Union forces in Virginia will head North to deal with Beauregard

3) It Cripples the Union?s capacity to make war


Let?s hope it works ?




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