Combat Mission: Fortress Italy - Gustav Line Announced

By Wargamer Staff 19 Feb 2013 0

Battlefront, publishers and developers of the award-winning World War II tactical wargame Combat Mission series, such as Battle for Normandy and the recent Fortress Italy, are bringing out a new module. For Combat Mission: Fortress Italy, players will soon be able to preorder Gustav Line, putting them at important battlefields such as Salerno, Anzio, Monte Cassino, and even the capture of Rome. Not only will the U.S. be represented, but the Commonwealth will be getting their side of Operation Husky in Sicily with Gustav Line.

So what will be included in the new module? Tons:


The German Fallschrimjager


Players will be able to command (and also encounter) the elite and fearsome German Paratroopers all around in Gustav Line, from the Plain of Catania in Sicily to the terrible heights at Monte Cassino.


More Commonwealth Nations


Gustav Line will have the combat units from nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, and New Zealand. Battlefront has told us that they have done their research and made sure to make these units as accurate and  true to life as possible. 


Anti-Aircraft Guns (finally!) 


The terrors of the low-flying support aircraft and infantry alike, anti-aircraft guns will be making their appearance in the form of the German Flak (above) and the Allied Bofors model. Other types such as self-propelled halftracks will be represented.


More Seasons 


Gustav Line will be taking place from July 9, 1943 to June 4, 1944. Nearly a whole year will pass in that time, which guarantees that players will experience a multitude of climates in Italy, such as winter, spring, summer, and fall. The terrain will be represented dynamically, depending on the date of the scenario. Dress warmly, it does get cold in beautiful Italy!


Formations Will Change 

Battlefront has mentioned that during the campaign, formations will see their internal organization change, as each side applies their experience to the structures of units. This will obviously bring a more realistic and tactical edge to the game as players continue the campaign.


What Else to Expect? 

Like most of the Combat Mission modules, they are jam-packed with new content. Below is a list of all the new formations and units players will get in Gustav Line. It's pretty hefty:


  • United States New Major Formations:
    • Glider Infantry Battalion, Tank Destroyer Battalion, Tank Destroyer Battalion (towed), Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Glider Pack Howitzer Battery, Self-Propelled AA Battery, Antiaircraft Battery (Bofors)
  • German New Major Formations:
    • Parachute Battalion, Parachute Battalion (1944 type, motorized), Parachute Pioneer Battalion, Parachute Machinegun Battalion, Parachute Panzerjäger Battalion, Parachute Regimental Cannon Company, Grenadier Battalion (1942, 43, 44 types), Pioneer Battalion, Reconnaissance Battalion, Fusilier Battalion, Panzergrenadier Battalion (Armored), Pioneer Battalion (Armored), Sturmpanzer Battalion (Brummbär), Tiger Tank Battalion, Panther Tank Battalion, Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion (Nashorn), Heavy Panzerjäger Company (Elefant), Panzerjäger Battalion, Sturmgeschütz Brigrade (45), Sturmgeschütz Brigrade (31), Heavy Antitank Company, Flak Battery, Self-Propelled Flak Battery
  • Commonwealth Major Formations:
    • United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, and New Zealand. (Note: Formation types available will vary with nationality. Organizational and equipment differences between the Commonwealth nations are also simulated.) Infantry Battalion, Infantry Battalion (lorried), Motor Battalion, Parachute Battalion, Air Landing Battalion, Recce Regiment, Machinegun Battalion, Support Group, Recce Regiment, Armoured Regiment (Sherman), Tank Battalion (Churchill), Armoured Recce Regiment, Armoured Car Regiment, Engineer Squadron, Antitank Battery (towed and SP), Antiaircraft Battery (Bofors), Pack Howitzer Battery


New Equipment:

United States Equipment:

  • Small Arms:
    • M1 Garand w/ M7 grenade launcher
  • Heavy Weapons:
    • 40mm Bofors AA gun, Quad 50cal M51 carriage, 3-inch M5 AT gun
  • Vehicles:
    • M15, M15A1 AA halftracks, M16 AA halftrack, M20 scout car, M8 Greyhound, M2A1, M3A1 halftracks, M21 mortar haltrack, M8A1 HMC, M10 GMC


German Equipment:

  • Fortifications:
    • Panther Turret Bunker 

  • Small Arms:
    • Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, Gewehr 43 rifle, Gewehr 43 rifle (with scope), Beretta M38 SMG
  • Heavy Weapons:
    • Flakvierling 4x20mm AA gun, FlaK 36 37mm AA gun, FlaK 38 20mm AA gun, LG 40 75mm recoilless gun, PaK 36 37mm AT gun, PaK 43 88mm AT gun, Pak 43/41 88mm AT gun, "Kurz" KzGrW 42 81mm mortar
  • Vehicles:
    • Brummbär, Nashorn, Elefant, Sdkfz 7/1 with Flakvierling 20mm AA gun, Sdkfz 7/2 with Flak 36 37mm AA gun, Pz VA Panther, Jagdpanzer IV, Marder IIIM, SPW 251 halftracks, Ausf. C and D 


 Commonwealth Forces Equipment:

(Note: specific equipment available to each nationality will vary)

  • Small Arms:
    • Webley revolver, Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III* rifle, Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifle, M1A1 Thompson SMG, Sten SMG, Bren LMG, Vickers HMG, PIAT, 2" mortar
  • Heavy Weapons:
    • 40mm Bofors AA gun, 6 pounder AT gun, 17 pounder AT gun, 3" mortar, M1A1 Pack Howitzer
  • Vehicles:
    • Sherman I, Sherman II, Sherman III, Sherman V, Churchill I, Churchill III, Churchill IV, Stuart III, Stuart III Recce, Stuart V, Stuart V Recce, Wolverine, Sexton, Priest, M3 GMC halftrack, M5, M5A1 halftracks, M9A1 halftrack, White scout car, Humber LRC Mk III, Otter LRC, Lynx LRC Mk II, Daimler Mk II Armoured Car, Daimler Dingo Scout Car, Humber Mk IV Armoured Car, Fox Mk I Armoured Car, Staghound Mk I, Staghound Mk II, Universal Carrier, Loyd Carrier, Jeep, Morris 15 cwt truck, Bedford QLD - GS


Unfortunately, so far preorders are not ready yet. We will definitely make an announcement when it does become available. Battlefront has said that the add-on module will be available at $35, and will require the base game of Combat Mission: Fortress Italy (I'm sure you figured that out already). They have also mentioned that if you own the Tin Case Edition of Fortress Italy, Gustav Line will fit in the same box. Convenient! 

For more information, visit the Gustav Line site on





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