HexWar bringing mech combat to life with Hex Mechs

By Dave Neumann 22 Dec 2015 0

When we mention HexWar thoughts immediately turn to ports of Decision Games' hex and counter board games or, less frequently, non wargames from companies like Victory Point Games. It's been a long time since they dropped a completely original wargame on our doorstep, but they're doing just that when Hex Mechs lands in early January.

Hex Mechs offers three different factions, the earth-based survivors of an alien invasion, the humans settlers on Mars, and the aliens themselves. The game features six tutorial missions as well as two campaigns. Each scenario will allow you to play as any of the factions involved in the conflict. Missions will be quite varied with different victory objectives such as capturing objectives, building bases, or destroying the enemy forces. While Hex Mechs is a purely turn-based affair, it sounds like it has some RTS elements baked in. We'll be able to construct buildings which will then construct and upgrade new units, StarCraft sytle. 

The expected release date for Hex Mechs is January 7, and HexWar even sent us a trailer! Take a peek.



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