Meet the team from the recently-delayed XCOM 2

By Owen Faraday 04 Sep 2015 0

They can cross the vast gulf of space but their dentistry isn't exactly high tech.

Last week the press minders at 2K sent around word that XCOM 2 will need a little more time before deployment. Originally slated for this year, the game is being held until February 2016 " to make it the best possible game." If you're more than passingly familiar with Firaxis, this should be cool with you. Sid Meier's studio have long been in the habit of releasing very good games that become great games after a few patches and maybe an expansion pack. So a little more time in the oven for XCOM 2 can't be a bad thing.

In the meantime, 2K's been pulling back the curtain on more aspects of the game: this week they posted a pretty neat looking feature that introduces you to XCOM 2's cast of NPCs, the voice-acted and unkillable (?) backbone of your team that holds down the fort while your redshirts go out on raids. I say that it looks neat because--here's the thing--I haven't read it and don't actually plan to. I love XCOM so much, that I am abdicating my duty to read all of the press materials so that I can go into it as fresh as I possibly can. I want to be genuinely surprised when a new bug-eyed monster rounds the corner.

So below, I present to you a video I haven't even watched about a game that I'm dying to play. Send me an email and let me know if the video was good. From now on I'm handling XCOM 2 materials through a glove box like it's a radioactive moon rock.



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