Morning Sun expansion for Order of Battle: Pacific is now available

By Dave Neumann 29 Jan 2016 0

A little bit of insight into the backend here at Wargamer. When writing a post we select tags that will accompany each article to make it easy for searching, etc. One of the categories is "Historical Conflict/War" and it has about 2374 different options to choose from. Today is the first time I was completely shut out, because nowhere does it list "pre-WW2" or "Second Sino-Japanese War" which tells me that this is a bit of history that doesn't get a lot of coverage in digital wargames. That ends today as Slitherine releases the second expansion for Order of Battle: Pacific, Morning Sun, which deals directly with this historical period.

Morning Sun's main draw is a new single-player campaign consisting of 11 scenarios wherein you play the Japanese against the computer driven Chinese. The expansion offers nearly 100 new units:

Japanese armies have been reinforced with several new units including biplane fighters and bombers such as the Ki-10, D1A and A4N1, the Soko Sagyo Ki flamethrower-equipped engineering vehicle and Type 89 medium tanks. The Chinese rely heavily on foreign arms deals, resulting in a diverse arsenal made up from Soviet Polikarpov fighters, Tupolev bombers and T-26 tanks, German Panzer I's, Sdkfz 221/222 armoured cars and 37mm PaK guns, Italian L3/33 tankettes, British Gloster Gladiators and many more. Nations now also have access to Cavalry units and Horse Transportation for towed guns. 

New units aren't the only new addition, however:

  • Construction Group unit allows players to construct small airstrips on locations of their own choosing.
  • Horses: These brave and loyal animals played a vital role in the war, and are now included in the game as part of Cavalry units and Horse Transportation.
  • New terrain types: Plow through muddy Rice Fields and fight along the Great Wall of China.

Morning Sun is an expansion for Order of Battle: Pacific, which you can purchase directly from Slitherine or via Steam. You can buy the expansion directly from Slitherine here for just over $13.



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