New Kickstarter wants to bring more strategy to GMT's Thunder Alley

07 Apr 2016 0

I kind of hate auto racing, and I really tend to dislike racing board games as well. Therefore, it's more than a bit strange that one of my favorite board games is GMT Games' stock car racer, Thunder Alley. Something about the game just clicks, and it gets played more than just about anything on my shelves. I pretty much love it the way it is so, other than new tracks, I'm not sure it needs any new rules. That said, a new Kickstarter has gone live promising to do just that by creating the Thunder Alley: Crew Chief Expansion.

Interestingly, the expansion is being published not by GMT, but by Nothing Now Games. Even more interesting is the expansion's designer: Richard Launius. Richard Launius is a well-respected board game designer, but is more commonly associated with Lovecraft or fantasy than long straightaways and pit stops. The Crew Chief expansion promises to help alleviate the randomness of the draw in Thunder Alley, making it a far more strategic game. The expansion consists of 148 new cards in four types: Crew Chief, Lap, Race to the Finish, and Track.

Each player will receive a set of 12 Crew Chief cards and play one per turn in order to tweak their strategy and take better advantage of the cards you were dealt that round. The Track cards add new rules to the existing tracks, making them play differently than they've played before. The Race to the Finish cards merely state the victory points, and replace the chits given out when cars finish the race. Lap cards allow for longer races to be held by replacing the existing lap track on each board with more lap spaces.

Stretch goals are interesting as well. Setup cards will allow you to pick a card that will remain in your hand for the entire race. While you discard other played cards, that one will get picked up and be a part of your hand each turn.

While the expansion isn't being published by GMT Games, it appears Nothing Now Games has their blessing. Anyone backing the Kickstarter will receive a 30% off discount for Thunder Alley or the recently released Track Pack.

There are 23 days left in the Kickstarter and they're still about $14K away from their funding goal. Head over and check out the Kickstarter. I'm not too sure about the Crew Chief stuff, but I might back just for those Race to the Finish cards!

Not familiar with Thunder Alley, or not interested because it's a race game? Watch Marco Arnaudo's review. He might change your mind.

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