Steve Jackson's Ogre Is Finally Getting a PC Release

By Joe Robinson 19 Jul 2016 2

Way before Munchkin and all of the friendships that game destroyed, Steve Jackson created something called Ogre. Set in the late 21st Century, this was a tactical ground combat game where futuristic tanks pummelled each other into (future)scrap metal. It was originally released in 1977, and was the first game Mr. Jackson ever designed.

Ogre eventually went out of print after it was merged with successor-game G.E.V., but in May 2012 Jackson launched a Kickstarter for Ogre Designer's Edition, which raised nearly a million US dollars. One of the stretch goals of that campaign was to create a computer game based on the classic wargame.

Last Friday, it was announced that the digital version will finally be happening. Steve Jackson Games has partnered with Auroch Digital, a Bristol (UK) based company known for Last Days of Old Earth (published by Slitherine) and Plague Inc: Evolved, as well as other titles.

Work on the videogame adaptation has begun "immediately", and the finished product is expected to appear on Steam late 2017.

Did you ever play the original Ogre or later iterations? Did you back the 2012 Kickstarter? Share your stories in the comments below!






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