The Lordz Games Studio bringing Check Your 6! to digital

By Dave Neumann 01 Feb 2016 0

The Lordz Games Studio is known for bringing epic wargames to digital, titles like Panzer Corps, Warhammer 40K: Armageddon, and Commander: The Great War. With their next project, they're looking up. Literally, as their next project will focus on aerial combat as they bring Scott Fisher's Check Your 6! to digital.

Check Your 6! was designed to reflect the realities of air combat with the simplest wargame mechanics possible. The CY6! game series will closely reflect the realities of WWII and Modern air combat while allowing for a playable game. Combat is reflected in 3D and the game is the result of years of research into Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground and Ground-to-air weapons, combat manoeuvres, aircraft statistics and the influence of pilot skill on combat. Statistical analysis was extensively used to find the most efficient game systems. In addition, former US Air Force and US Marine Corps pilots were a part of the design team from the start, greatly influencing the design and playtesting.

Check Your 6! isn't just a single game, it's a complete system that covers air combat from 1925 through 1947. The Lordz Games Studio is planning on bringing the entire system to our monitors.

The first game is already well under development at The Lordz Games Studio. The complete current range of rules and scenario books, including any future editions, will be brought to a wide variety of digital game platforms to form a complete digital CY6! game series.

Designer Scott Fisher seems to be just as excited as the rest of us:

After eight incredible years as a board/miniatures game, we’re excited to extend CY6 into the digital world. Bringing CY6 to this new domain will further our commitment to not only provide a great game but also allow players worldwide to learn the lessons of real air-combat campaigns. With CY6, it was always our goal to put players in the cockpit, compelling them to deal with the same issues and decisions of historical pilots. What maneuver do I do? Should I shoot? Do I attack the bombers or fighters? How good is my opponent? Do I risk it!?

In the digital version of CY6, players will focus even more on the combat situation rather than rule mechanics and, of course, will be surrounded by our trademark historical accuracy. We plan to bring not only a great game system to the digital medium, but also plan to convert our signature air campaigns books to be part of the system. We are very proud of the research that went into these books, in many cases they provide information never before published.

I am glad to be working with the Lordz development team on this project. The Lordz team has shown the same commitment to excellence and historical accuracy that we prided ourselves on in developing the original CY6 board/miniatures game. In addition to the dedicated Lordz team, all members of the original CY6 Design Team (including several combat veteran pilots) have agreed to help with this effort. All of us are thrilled to bring the entire CY6 line of rules and scenario books to the digital customer!

The Lordz Games Studio confirmed this morning that "digital" means that it's coming to both PC and tablets! When we get more information, we'll pass it along.



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