Wargame: AirLand Battle - New Screenshots and Official Website

By Wargamer Staff 15 Feb 2013 0

Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Eugen Systems, the same team that brought out Wargame: European Escalation, released today a few new screenshots for the upcoming sequel titled Wargame: AirLand Battle. Along with the screenshots, a new official website has been created for readers to check out the latest videos, screenshots, news, and updates. The website has also been optimized for those that like to take their reading on go on their smartphones and tablets.

The official website will feature a section for fan videos for those made by the community, as well as the Dev Blog, where readers can check out the latest from the development team as the game is developed. There is also a community section for those that want to join in on the many discussions of the game within the site itself. 

Ready for the screenshots? Incoming! 

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Obviously from the screenshots and the title, Wargame: AB will be all about utilizing air support and ground forces in harmony. You can also notice that the visuals have been bumped up as well, with the team saying that a new version of the IRISZOOM Engine will display higher graphical detail and improved topography that has been reproduced from satellite maps. 

For you plane nuts, 150 new planes will be making their appearance in Wargame: AB, from fighters to bombers to electronic warfare types, all from the 1975 - 1985 period. With that  many types, it's sure that some favorites will make it to the airspace (like the F-14 Tomcat). 

There's also going to be four new nations joining in, adding in their roster of vehicles and troop types to bring the total to 750 usable types. Unfortunately it has not been revealed what the new nations will be, but with the game taking place in and around Scandinavia, you can draw your guesses from there. Also being put in is an improved weapons system, and a new "Urban Combat Interface" (UCI) that will allow players to actually battle in the cities on the map block-by-block, which if you remember from Wargame: EE, was just a matter of throwing your troops or vehicles into and letting them duke it out. It should be interested to see this UCI in action.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a posted official release date yet, but from the looks of things it wouldn't be surprising if this was on its way in the next few months.



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