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A Melange of Spice and Strategy - Cryo's Dune

Tue May 17, 2016 6:16 pm

The more I ruminate on this title, the more I consider it to be the most important game I've ever played. ... ryos-dune/

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Fri May 20, 2016 4:20 pm

Why do I always arive late to the party? This was posted aeons ago....

And why does Alex not get a ton of standing ovations for this superb article?

I also consider Dune 1 as one of the most influential computergames from the 20th Century. Its also THE game I re-played the most, by a huge margin in fact. On PC it is in my Top 10 at least and I have played a LOT of computergames in my time.

I first played it when I was 13 (3 months after the official release). At that time I already watched the Movie it is based on about 10 times already. People's opinion are divided on the quality of the movie but this is one of the very few instances I liked the movie much much more than the book it was based on. The Movie was released when I was four years old. I would gladly pay a wheelbarrow full of money just to watch it in a decent cinema how it was supposed to be viewed.

I have beaten it the first time about 1-2 years later when I finally got my own Amiga.
I have replayed it about every other year since then probably, and I think I know the location of about 66% of all the Sietches/Forts to the exact pixel on the world map by exploration times are an excercise in long-term-memory-recalling ;-P

I finished it the last time around christmas last year. The next time I'll try to play it on a Amiga Emulator on my Nexus 7...maybe it will be an masochistic excercise in futile aggrevated battles with the non-touch-friendly UI but come on....Dune mobile? It's like having the cake and eating it too...while commuting ;-P

Anyways again; a very good write-up!
More of that please. Next in-depth article "Transarctica" (Arctic Baron for the un-initiated) plz... ;-P
A proto-Deep Forest for the sandstorm, if you'll permit my flowery languidness, Picq and Ulrich's delightful and wistful electro-operatic arrangement did for Dune what Paul Ruskay did for Homeworld.
Quoted for poetry and truth! ;-P
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Re: A Melange of Spice and Strategy - Cryo's Dune

Fri May 20, 2016 4:39 pm

I rented(!) this for the Sega CD(!!) when I was 12 or 13 (looks like I'm about the same age as Private Prinny), having both seen the movie AND read the book, I believe (I liked the book more). I had absolutely no clue what in the hell I was doing. I do still have some very clear memories of various fremen saying, "You're giving me your orni? Thank you, Muad'Dib!" They should put this one on GOG for sure.

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Re: A Melange of Spice and Strategy - Cryo's Dune

Fri May 20, 2016 4:58 pm

They should put this one on GOG for sure.
Yes please!

At least you can buy Transarctica and Stormmaster (latter one only bundled with Transarctica and other Silmarils gems in the Silmarils Collection) the other two legendry strategy/adventure gems from that time via legally. Now if that versions would be mobile friendly...

Now I would kill for a official re-release of "It came from the Desert" Fighting giant Ants with only a revolver in a backwater hick town in the 50ties? Cinemawares best game yet....

This 4 games are my top Adventure/Strategy/Genre-Mix-Games from the last century good times, fun times.....the times of true game pioneers ;-P
Why does just about every developer nowadays play it safe?

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Re: A Melange of Spice and Strategy - Cryo's Dune

Sat May 21, 2016 1:18 pm

Thanks guys. Yeah, what a stunner of a game. I mean, I suppose you could get a similar vibe from a Lords of Midnight or some such, but I dunno...Dune was just perfect. And it isn't perfect. But it is.

GoG, or get Microids on the case to fold it onto mobile - I'd love to have it on my phone - as they've done with other old Cryo fare. Awesome that you can have something like Amerzone in your pocket. Think it'd be an issue with the Herbert estate these days.

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Re: A Melange of Spice and Strategy - Cryo's Dune

Mon May 23, 2016 6:02 pm

Thanks for the really great article that highlights one of my favorite games from the 1990s. Somewhere in a storage unit, I still have the CD-ROM.

I still listen to the soundtrack regularly. In addition to the Exxos album version linked in the article, there's quite a few uploads on YouTube of the soundtrack as it actually sounded through various sound cards from that time period.

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