20 April 2014

Rise of Legends Gold

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends has gone gold.

GONE GOLD posted on 26 APR 2006 3:49pm by Scott Parrino

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (preview) for Windows has already gone gold and will enter UK retail stores on 26th May. Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends morphs the real-time strategy genre into the fantasy space; gamers get battles as well as imagination. The RTS gameplay of Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends has been improved in a number of ways. Gamers can draw out battles for hours for the classic RTS feel or focusing on shorter, 20-minute, campaigns. As the second installment of the Rise of Nations franchise, Rise of Legends uses a 3-D engine with dynamic lighting, deformable terrain, destructible buildings, earthquakes and massive armies locked in enormous strategic battles. The game also combines cutting-edge, industry-leading technology with environments unlike anything ever seen. In addition to being able to lead vast fantasy armies into battle, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends introduces a host of gameplay innovations that are unique to the RTS genre. Additionally, the popular Conquer the World (CTW) Campaign returns with fresh concepts that make each strategic decision critical to eventual victory over a constantly adapting enemy. The revamped and improved CTW Campaign immerses players in a land of magical armies and completely new technologies in an epic battle to save the world against an ominous evil force. For more on Rise of Legends, contact Microsoft's website.

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