23 April 2014

Victoria Revolutions Dated

Ready for download on August 17th.

GONE GOLD posted on 3 AUG 2006 11:44pm by Scott Parrino

Paradox Interactive will release its first-ever online-only game, Victoria: Revolutions (interview), on August 17th. The publisher announced its plans to deliver this expansion pack to owners of the original 19th century grand strategy game through its Gamer's Gate service. The game will be priced at $9.99 and will require the original Victoria. It will be released only through this download format. Here are some of the key features:
  • 15 extra years of game play – Lead your nation through the challenging interwar period
  • An expanded tech tree to cover the interwar period, including aircrafts and carriers.
  • A DOOMSDAY converter which allows players to continue their game in “Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday”.
  • A revamped election and politic system, adding a new level of realism to the game.
  • An overhauled military system, which will be linked with the player’s policy decisions.
  • A new economic system that brings more realism through various economic models.

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