17 April 2014

Company of Heroes Gone Gold

The World War II real time strategy title is moved into the gold stage of production.

GONE GOLD posted on 16 AUG 2006 1:31pm by Scott Parrino

THQ today announced that Company of Heroes, a World War II real time strategy game, is now in gold status and has been slated for a September 14 release to stores. Developed by internal studio Relic Entertainment, Company of Heroes offers a variety of innovative features that distinguish it from the crowded WWII RTS market. Most importantly, Company of Heroes is powered by Relic's proprietary next-generation Essence Engine, which is said to power fantastic graphical effects and strong cinematic visuals. Furthermore, the WWII environments in Company of Heroes are completely destructible. Here's THQ's take on their latest PC release:
Company of Heroes is a World War II real time strategy game that brings to life the brave men of Able Company in cinematic intensity as they fight across Europe in the greatest war mankind has ever known. Relic's proprietary next-gen Essence Engine provides unprecedented graphics and physics complete with the destruction of all terrain and buildings. Featuring 2-8 players in multiplayer competition via Lan or Internet, gamers will choose to play as either the Allies or Axis, each with their own unique weapons, vehicles and commander trees. Company of Heroes is also scheduled to ship for wireless devices in fall 2006.
More information is available from the official website.

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