18 April 2014

$1Mil Gaming Tournament Details

The Championship Gaming Series has released details of its upcoming $1 million World Final pro gamer competition.

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 13 NOV 2007 10:38am by Scott Parrino

Championship Gaming SeriesTM (CGS), the only worldwide professional gaming league, today revealed details of the league's inaugural World Final, which will take place December 6-14 at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. At the highly-anticipated showdown, 12 top CGS teams from around the world will battle each other for their share of an unprecedented $1,000,000 total prize purse, of which $500,000 will go to the World Champion team. In what will become an annual platform for the world’s best gamers to compete professionally, the inaugural CGS World Final will be broadcast on television to more than 350 million viewers by DIRECTV’s The 101 in the U.S., BSkyB’s Sky One, Sky Two and Sky HD in the UK, ESPN STAR Sports in Asia, SKY in Mexico and Brazil, DIRECTV throughout the rest of Latin America, and across mainland Europe via additional soon-to-be confirmed broadcast partners. "The CGS World Final represents a watershed moment in the history of pro gaming and we are proud to broadcast to more than 350 million viewers globally,” said Andy Reif, CGS commissioner and CEO. “Fans worldwide will soon find out which team will claim its place as the first CGS World Champion and take home the top prize of $500,000.” To add to the excitement, CGS announced that, in addition to the CGS team-based World Final, it will hold the CGS Individual World Final. Top CGS players from each of the league's six regions will compete in their designated games to determine the individual champions for each official game category. Additionally, CGS will hold the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Arena 2v2 (WoW:BC) CGS Championship. The WoW:BC event will feature premier American and European pairs battling for top prize of $30,000. Both the CGS Individual World Final and the WoW:BC CGS Championship will be webcast at thecgs.com on December 8th. Valve’s Counter-Strike®: Source® and EA’s FIFA 2007 are the official PC games for CGS. On the Xbox 360, CGS features Tecmo’s Dead or Alive® 4 (DOA4) and Project Gotham Racing® 3 (PGR3) from Microsoft Game Studios. Each CGS team features a total of ten athletes, each specializing in an official League game. Five of the ten players comprise a Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) squad which competes in five-on-five matches. FIFA 07 is played one-on-one. Each CGS team also has a mixed-doubles team of two DOA4 players, who will play against other teams in one-on-one matches on Xbox 360. The racing game PGR3 is played by two players on each team in a two-versus-two format. CGS World Final prize distribution is as follows: TEAM WORLD FINAL 1st Place $500,000 2nd Place $150,000 3rd-4th Place $70,000 5th-8th Place $30,000 9th-12th Place $15,000 MVP $25,000 INDIVIDUAL WORLD FINAL 1st Place DOA4 (men’s) $5,000 1st Place DOA4 (women’s) $5,000 1st Place PGR3 $5,000 (x2) 1st Place FIFA 2007 $5,000 1st Place CS:S $5,000 (x5) WORLD OF WARCRAFT: BURNING CRUSADE ARENA 2V2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Place $15,000 (x2) Grand Total Prize Purse $1,075,000 CGS WORLD FINAL EVENT SCHEDULE IS AS FOLLOWS: December 6: CGS World Final press conference December 6: First round day 1 December 7: First round day 2 December 8: WoW:BC 2v2 CGS Championship (Competition will be webcast on thecgs.com) December 8: Individual World Final (Competition will be webcast on thecgs.com) December 10: Quarterfinals day 1 December 11: Quarterfinals day 2 December 13: Semifinals December 14: Final The CGS official teams participating in the World Final are as follows: Berlin Allianz Birmingham Salvo Carolina Core Chicago Chimera London Mint Mexico City Furia Rio Sinistro Seoul Jinhwa Singapore Sword Stockholm Magnetik Sydney Underground Wuhan Dragon For more information, or to register for press credentials please go to thecgs.com.

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