23 April 2014

New Guild Wars Tourney Announced

The Rebel Rising guild is is hosting a Guild Wars tournament with prizes, including a 22" Wide Screen LCD monitor.

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 13 NOV 2007 1:55pm by Scott Parrino

In the world of online gaming, tournaments and special events are not newbut until now, e-Sports organizers and game company representatives ran them. Events run by players and for players were a logistical nightmare. Using GuildCafe, players may now conveniently host their own gaming events with real-world prizes. In a first-of-its-kind tournament, the Rebel Rising guild, better known as "Rawr" to their friends and opponents within the Guild Wars online game, is hosting a competition that will give away prizes and prestige to the best teams. "We always wished for a tournament that was organized the way players really wanted," explained Jackie Vu, co-founder of Rebel Rising. "We wanted a tournament that was more accessible, more convenient and structured so that players of all skill levels could have fun with it. GuildCafe is what made it possible." Unlike previous Guild Wars tournaments, the 2008 RAWR Cup is structured into three divisions. Winners in the top division, intended for professional-level players, will receive 22” widescreen LCD monitors. Prizes in other divisions include computer hardware and gaming merchandise, as well as online prestige and recognition. Finally, ArenaNet (the creator of Guild Wars) will give reward points that can be redeemed for in-game prizes to the top-ranking teams. "Gamers are hungry for the opportunity to have greater influence over the virtual worlds they join," said Jon Radoff, CEO of GuildCafe Entertainment Inc. "We’re building a community where gamers can make the online gaming universe their owna place they can join forces with other players, share hints and organize their own eventsand preserve the memory of all the fun they’ve had." To register for the 2008 RAWR Cup, visit: http://www.guildcafe.com/tournament

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