23 April 2014

Space Infantry Enters Lock 'n Load's P500

A solo sci-fi boardgame may be just what the doctor ordered.

IN STORES posted on 27 MAR 2010 10:47am by Scott Parrino

“Bugs, Mr. Walker. Millions of ‘em!” • Henry, VA, March 26, 2010 – Lock ‘n Load Publishing announces that Space Infantry is now on P500. A solitaire game pitting futuristic, power-armored soldiers against an assortment of Aliens in a wide variety of missions and landscapes, Space Infantry is quick to learn and fast to play. This is a boxed game, featuring mounted mission maps (game boards), die-cut counters, immersive art, and much more. Go to http://www.locknloadgame.com to see the movie and peruse the art. Game Includes: • 80 colorful playing pieces. • Seven 8.5” x 11” mounted mission maps. • Mounted mission tiles for generating random missions. • Squad cards, Alien characteristics cards. • Rules and scenario booklet. • Dice. • Shrink-wrapped box. Complexity: 3/10. Solitaire Playability: 10/10. Ages: Suitable for ages 10 and above. Lock ‘n Load Publishing…More game, less guff. (www.locknloadgame.com)

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