Battlefield Academy Changes Name, Launches Mac Version and Demo

Published on 9/6/2011

Slitherine announced today that their popular turn-based strategy game BBC Battlefield Academy will be changing its name to BBC Battle Academy. The name change originated to prevent any copyright infringement with the Battlefield series by Electronic Arts. The name change also brings with it new content, so all is not lost! In what is sure to please the Mac crowd, Battle Academy is now available for Macs. It has all the same content, but a renewed and intuitive UI to make it more accessible for the controls of Apple devices. The added benefit now is that any PC users will be able to use their save-games on the Mac version, as well as PC players will be able to face off against Mac users through Slitherine's PBEM++. “We are very proud to bring this franchise to Mac”, said Philip Veale, Technical Director of Slitherine. “There is an increased demand for our genre of games on the Mac and we are sure BATTLE ACADEMY can easily challenge to become the most played strategy game on the Apple system. Players find it so easy to get into the game and start head-to-head battles, through our PBEM system. We have taken the decision to make the game fully integrated with other platforms and we will continue to do this in future iterations as well!”. The product page for the Mac version of Battle Academy is available here. In addition, a new demo is also available for both PC and Mac which gives a players an introduction to the Battle Academy series and a taste of the action. Finally, to add to the good news, a new add-on for Battle Academy is available. The add-on for both PC and Mac is known as Battle Academy: Operation Market Garden, based off the historic airborne invasion in World War II. Players must secure Arnhem bridge to prevail over the German forces. Battle Academy: Operation Market Garden brings with it eight single player missions, four multiplayer maps and the introduction of a campaign mode where units carry over from mission to mission. “We listen to our players as much as we can,” said Iain McNeil, Development Director of Slitherine. “We have been asked for a campaign mode and we know this has been the top demand from our players. It took us a lot of development resources and time, but we decided that we just had to bring this to our loyal fan base, and it makes the expansion an amazing package. We are sure we are going to make a lot of our fans happy with this one”. Check out Battle Academy: Operation Market Garden's official product page located here.