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29 January 2015

New Expansion for Gratuitous Space Battles Released

Tactical space strategy game adds new faction, modules, scenarios and more.

IN STORES posted on 14 JAN 2013 9:15pm by The Wargamer

Positech Games, famous for their indie strategy game Gratuitous Space Battles, announced today that a new expansion is available for purchase. This new expansion, called "Outcasts", adds a brand new playable faction, new modules for ships, 10 new ship designs, and two new scenarios that have the player facing off against the new faction itself.

The Outcast faction itself is a cybernetic race that was shunned by religious zealots due to not being "pure". Being shunned for such a long time is of course going to breed some hostility, with the Outcast faction hellbent on genocidal revenge against all "biologicals". A trailer has also been made available for viewing, which you can check out here: LINK

For those new to Gratuitous Space Battles, this tactical strategy game gives players control in designing and outfitting their space fleet, complete with ship design, adding weapons, shields, combat orders, and more. The kicker is that once the battle has started, all they can do is watch the action unfold and see if their creations and pre-mission orders will hold up in combat. Combined with great special effects, hilarious and yet informative space battle chatter, GSB has been a big hit, selling more than 150,000 units. GSB also benefits from a healthy modding community and post-release support from Positech Games.

Customers can get the new expansion via Postiech Games' site for the sum of $5.99. Original ownership of Gratuitous Space Battles is required!

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