Crusader Kings II: The Republic Expansion Now Available

Published on 1/15/2013

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios announced today the release of the new expansion for Crusader Kings II, titled The Republic. This new expansion to the strategy-RPG series is the third such expansion to join the family.

The Republic is based around the great merchant Republics of medieval Europe, allowing players to take control of them as the head (known as the Patrician) of one of five families. Players must bu ild trade posts, expand their provincial empires, and of course, fight it out against the other families, Republics, and lords to become the one and only ruling family.

There are other DLC's joining in the fray for Crusader Kings II, such as the Songs of Prosperity, which adds three new songs, and Mediterranean Portraits, which contains thousands of unique face combos for male and female characters. These two small DLCs are available at $1.99 at all major digital download providers.

It doesn't stop there! There will be a streaming event hosted by Paradox Interactive to show off The Republic on January 15 at 7PM GMT (11AM PST). That can be viewed here on the Paradox Interactive TwitchTV channel: LINK

Coinciding with the release of The Republic, patch 1.09 is now available for Crusader Kings II. Full patch notes can be found here: LINK

Crusader Kings II: The Republic features:


  • Experience a fresh, new type of Crusader Kings II experience by playing as one of ‘The Big 5’ merchant Republics of medieval Europe: Venice, Genoa, Pisa, Gotland and the Hansa.
  • As the head of a Patrician family you must guide your Republican dynasty through fortune and misfortune in a world dominated by kings and emperors.
  • Build trade posts and expand your mercantile empire by controlling the sea-lanes and coasts of Europe... and defend it against rival Patricians, Republics and greedy feudal lords.
  • Improve your trade posts and your prestigious family palace with dozens of unique new buildings.
  • Compete in the Doge elections, compensating for lack of age and prestige by investing money in your campaign fund.
  • Survive feuds with other Patrician families and plot to seize trade posts from your rivals; new plot and many special events for characters in the Republics.
  • New Republican skin for the interface.
  • Unique clothes and ship models for Republics.

For more information on Crusader Kings II: The Republic, visit the official website.