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25 January 2015

HPS North German Plain '85 Updated

New features and changes made.

PRESS RELEASE posted on 16 JAN 2013 5:40pm by The Wargamer

HPS Simulations released update  v1.06 for North German Plain '85. part of the Modern Campaigns series. This new update includes a bevy of changes and additions of features, namely a buffing of Engineer digging bonuses and a change in Disrupted units not receiving replacements to name a few. There are quite a bit of changes!

The update is available here on their site, and a note is included with the download:

"The North German Plain '85 Expansion Pack is now included in all NGP standard updates and need not be downloaded or installed separately. The Pack includes a new map combining the original North German Plain and Fulda Gap maps and scenarios using that new map. This expansion pack allows you to fight the entire WWIII campaign from the Baltic Sea to central Germany."

The full feature list of the v1.06 includes:

  • Added Magnified 2D view with 2x sized graphics.
  • Change so that Disrupted units do not receive replacements and Detached units receive replacements at one-fourth (not one-half) the normal rate.
  • Added new Forced Bridge Crossing Rule which allows units to force a bridge crossing against enemy ZOC (see Users Manual under Movement).
  • Increased Engineer digging in bonus from 2x to 3x.
  • Added toolbar button for highlighting units in Travel Mode.
  • Added new Bunker and Mine Prob Parameter Data Values and allowing non-bridge engineer units to construct Bunkers.
  • Added new Night Move Disruption parameter data value which determines probability of night movement by non-rail and non-travel or non-road movement units causing Disruption.
  • Change so that Interdiction attacks have twice the chance of Disruption and can cause the loss of up to half the movement allowance in movement points.
  • Added a range 1 hard target artillery fire modifier (see Users Manual under Firing).
  • Added Optional Rule for delayed reporting of enemy Disruption.
  • Change so that towed AT gun unit which changes to Travel Mode after firing at most once before the change will not trigger enemy Opportunity Fire.
  • Added Quality Fire Modifier Parameter Data Value which applies to quality A and B units.
  • Change so that half Frozen Penalty is applied only to Urban (Village, Town, City, and Industrial) hexes.

Additionally, this is to be noted with the update as well:

"Starting with this version, no CD-check is performed by the main program and all documentation is supported only in PDF format, available from the Help menu in each application."
For more information on North German Plain '85, visit the product page on the HPS Simulations site.

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