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30 January 2015

Assault Wave Aims at iPad and iPhone Tacticians

World War II tactical action from indie developer.

PRESS RELEASE posted on 16 JAN 2013 6:07pm by The Wargamer

A small independent Finnish developer known as Aniway is bringing tactical World War II strategy to Apple devices, via the iPad and iPhone, with Assault Wave. This app sets itself up as real-time tactical strategy, with a top-down view where players can battle it out against AI or other human players as either the US or Germans in World War II.

Assault Wave aims to bring something new to the table: player versus player on the same device in real time. While not sure how it will function on the iPhone, but the iPad seems to be the perfect device for this sort of action. A demo video was recently released, briefly showing near the end how two players on one iPad can duke it out on the battlefield. This can pose some interesting games as you are seeing everything your opponent is doing, but, it can be like chess where players must set up their pieces and move into the advantageous position for victory. Give the video a look below:

For those not looking for face-to-face confrontation, there is online multiplayer. And if you are against interacting with the human race entirely, Assault Wave will ship with a US and German campaign and individual battles as well. These were noted as the "first playable nations", so we can probably expect to see the rest of the big players of World War II to make their appearance. 

For additional info, you can visit their official website here.


The Assault Wave development team was kind to respond to the questions here in this news post in our forums:

In regards to two players on one iPhone simultaneously, it would be "highly unlikely" due to the size of the iPhone. It's just one pair of hands too many! As for additional nations, there are plans to add more. Sound's great!

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