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31 January 2015

Playdek Sale Starts Tomorrow on iTunes

Sales on titles and in-app purchases.

PRESS RELEASE posted on 17 JAN 2013 5:39pm by The Wargamer

Playdek, publisher and developer of digital hobby games for mobile platforms announced today that they will be starting a sale for a few of their titles and in-app purchases tomorrow the 18th, and running until the 20th of January. All the titles and their IAPs will be priced at $.99 and available from the Apple iTunes Store.

A majority of the titles on sale are of strategy card games, which have seen a bit of a revival on mobile devices and tablets for their ease of use and relatively easy pacing. The titles on sale are below:

  • Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer - Conceived and designed by three Magic: The Gathering tournament champions, allows you to build you own deck and fight against other players asynchronously.
  • Summoner Wars - Combines digital card game with the elements of a tactical board game. Initial game is free with 7 expansion IAPs. A fantasy title that pits Summoners vs Summoners for control of the battlefield.
  • Nightfall - The sun has left, and now creatures are appearing on Earth. You must fight them off or watch the human race become extinct.
  • Food Fight iOS - Battle it out against tongue-in-cheek food references. Features full AI and multiplayer support on one device or online.
  • Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs Evil - Control characters from the famous webcomic offline and online with up 4 players total. Defeat Evil Tycho and become the Master Gamer.
  • Fluxx - Award-winning card game developed by ex-NASA aerospace engineers that sold almost one million copies gets the digital treatment.
  • Can't Stop - A push-you-luck type game that definitely punishes those that fail to advance. Features up to 4 players in pass-and-play.


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