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29 January 2015

New Books from Osprey

New military books from Osprey Publishing.

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 18 JAN 2013 12:24pm by Paul Robinson

Wargamers find themselves well-served this month with a great variety of books from Osprey Publishing.  First, we have the latest supplement for Osprey's World War Two Skirmish rules Bolt Action;  Armies of the United States. Continuing with the World War Two theme we have from their Campaign series Sicily 1943, the start of the Allied assault on the "soft underbelly of Europe". Next we have Italian Navy & Air Force Elite Units & Special Forces 1940-45 from the Elite Series.  Moving backwards to the First World War we have two books.  Mark IV v A7V from the Duel Series and Albatros D.I-D.II from the Air Vanguard series. Finally to the "somewhat obscure" with the Men at Arms series book Polish Armies of the Partitions 1770-94.  And in the New Vanguard Series we have Warships of the Ancient World 3000 to 500 BC.  Publication date was the 15th of January.


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