New 28mm World War Two Figures from Warlord Games

Published on 1/20/2013

 Warlord Games have issued two new box sets in the 28mm figure range that supports Osprey Publishing’s World War Two skirmish rules Bolt Action .

The first represents the Nisei (Japanese-American soldiers) of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.   This unit, with their Motto "Go for Broke!”,overcame enduring discrimination and mistrust to forge a legendary fighting reputation.  The box set contain 27 hard plastic miniatures. 
The second set depicts the African American soldiers of the 92nd (Coloured) Infantry Division whose motto was “Deeds not Words!”.  Overcoming prejudice and the enemy this unit acquitted itself well, suffering over 5000 dead, wounded and missing in only twelve months on the frontline. This set contains 28 hard plastic figures.
To complement both of these box sets you can also buy the Armies of the United States supplement to provide you with all the rules you need to field both units.