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Title Game Title Date Created
Review: Heroes of Normandie Heroes of Normandie 10/27/2015
Review: Battle of the Bulge for PC Battle of the Bulge 10/1/2015
Review: Legions of Steel Legions of Steel 9/28/2015
Review: Skyshine's Bedlam Skyshine's Bedlam 9/23/2015
Review: Nobunaga's Ambition -- Sphere of Influence Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence 9/22/2015
The Emperor Returns! - NORBSOFTDEV gets its inner Grog up with a new take on the battle of Waterloo Scourge of War: Waterloo 7/31/2015
Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords - A Review by James Tanaleon Crusader Kings II 7/30/2015
Man Versus Machine - Legions of Steel Reviewed Legions of Steel 7/21/2015
Paradox Gets a Little Common Sense - A Review of the New Europa Universalis IV Expansion Europa Universalis IV 7/6/2015
Weigh anchor as we get underway and review the latest Sails of Glory ship packs Sails of Glory 6/25/2015
Return to Vietnam ‘65 Vietnam ’65 6/22/2015
Brother against Brother – The Drawing of the Sword Review Brother Against Brother 6/15/2015
Lasers, rockets and squids ... Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy reviewed Star Hammer 6/8/2015
Those magnificent men in their flying machines: Wings of Glory - World War 1 Airplane Packs Game Review Wings of Glory 5/28/2015
"Cum Deo et victricibus armis" Pike and Shot gets a brand new expansion module Pike and Shot 5/8/2015
Ultimate General Gettysburg we review the iPad Edition Ultimate General Gettysburg 5/6/2015
To the Pillars of Eternity and beyond? Pillars of Eternity 4/16/2015
NATO vs. Russia - Combat Mission: Black Sea review by Jim Cobb Combat Mission: Black Sea 3/30/2015
The City Building Game We Deserved - A Review of Cities: Skylines Cities: Skylines 3/23/2015
Welcome to the Hanoi Hilton - Vietnam ’65 Review Vietnam ’65 3/19/2015

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