War Plan Orange

By Scott Parrino 14 Mar 2006 0

The Frustrations of Goliath

No other weapon of war has ever embodied the paradoxes of Power like the dreadnought-era battleship. For half-a-century, the dreadnought was a very tangible symbol of national aspirations, pride, and industrial might. Only the richest nations could afford to build and maintain a battleship fleet, and several nations (the U.K., Japan, America, and Germany) poured enormous resources into capital ship construction, often to the detriment of their other armed services, even to the detriment of the entire national economy. Few citizens seemed to mind; the sight of great warships riding at anchor was one to stir the patriotism of every tax-payer.

When Teddy Roosevelt sent the Great White Fleet around the world, he was sending a stark and unambiguous message: the rough upstart Colonies have matured into a mighty and unified nation. Behold the proof! Gaze upon these gleaming, puissant vessels and be assured that a new player bestrides the global stage! With the end of our civil war, we have passed beyond our turbulent adolescence ? we may still be na



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