The Wargamer was founded in September 1995 as a platform for organising computer or table-top wargames between like-minded individuals. Since then, under the domain name, the site has expanded its content to cover a wide area of computer wargaming – both strategic and tactical – along with board wargames, miniature wargames, historical articles, book reviews, and more. As the industry has evolved, so has Wargamer and we endeavour to cover wargaming in all its forms.

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Joseph Robinson - Editor

Joe has been writing about games since 2008, specialising mainly in computer strategy games where he counts the Total War series and Paradox games amongst his favourites. His career has been diverse as it has been varied, but he's been Editor of Wargamer since 2016. He came to the wargaming scene late, dabbling in some Warhammer 40K as a teenager with more money than sense, but has only recently rediscovered his love for military-grade strategy. Offline he's a fan of GMT's COIN series, as well as abstract games like Quartermaster General, and he's also heavily involved in the UK Megagame scene. Online he's more of a light-weight as Gary Grigsby & John Tiller make him want to cry into a pillow. Hearts of Iron, on the other hand...

Regular Contributors

Bill Gray

Bill Gray is a retired Colonel, US Army Intelligence. He first ran into wargames when shopping for college, a little morsel from Avalon Hill called Panzerblitz. After college he was initially stationed at FT Hood, TX and first saw the cavalcade of color in a Napoleonic historical miniature games. He was hooked and although he continues to enjoy cardboard and digital wargames, his first love remains historical miniatures. He is a life member of the US Historical Miniatures Gaming Society where he served on the Board of Directors and in other positions until admitted to the HMGS Legion of Honor when he retired. Bill has over 18,000 miniatures, has published a very successful set of Napoleonic rules with expansions and has written articles for such diverse publications as Wargames Illustrated, 1st Empire, Strategy & Tactics and Napoleon. He is also an officer of the British Pike and Shot Society, and spends most of his time painting and finishing his final set of tabletop rules - Age of Valor (Europe at War 1848 thru 1914).

Ian Boudreau

Ian is a former Army Public Affairs specialist and news reporter who has covered training operations on the Korean peninsula, criminal justice and first responders, and science communications for the Environmental Protection Agency. Since 2015 he's been writing about games full-time, with a particular interest in the intersection of games and war. While pursuing a graduate degree in political science, he studied civil wars and insurgency, and he gets a weird glimmer in his eye if you bring up the topic of asymmetric conflict. He currently resides in Binghamton, New York - the birthplace of the flight simulator.

Charles Ellis

Charles started off lecturing his primary school teachers on Triremes and still hasn't learnt his lesson. When his plans aren't being derailed by yet another boardgame idea, he may be found slowly painting up his miniatures. He assures us they'll see the gaming table someday. He suffers from delusions of literature, and to his knowledge is the anglosphere's only expert on Red Army Assault Engineer-Sapper formations (from a field of one). He loves a game that places him in a particular place in a particular time - with all the limitations that position would entail. He carries the 'excel gamer' soubriquet with pride.

Joe Fonseca

Joe Fonseca is a PhD candidate working on a degree in Military History. Since the glory days of Shogun: Total War and Age of Empires, historical gaming has always been close to Joe’s heart, informing his career and hobbies to this day. While specializing in 19th century imperial conflicts, especially in East Asia, Joe loves to talk about the ways games and history interact with each other, and will do so until someone stops him. Always up to try (and then blabber about) any historically-themed game, Joe has a passion for bringing lesser known conflicts into the limelight. Officially the 'other' Joe.

Timothy Borsilli

Tim is a secondary and post-secondary educator with a keen interest in board, war, and strategy games, with a special focus on the First World War and its immediate aftermath. An avid reader of both history and speculative fiction since he was young, he is concerned, above all, with games that can tell compelling narratives through their systems. While a hobby gamer in his bones, he also studies both the history and practice of conflict simulation and serious gaming.

Jack Trumbull

Jack stumbled into writing about video games with a heart full of determination, a head full of synonyms, and hands full of keyboard. He asks Joe weekly if he can write about Dwarf Fortress (the answer is always no), but that hasn't stopped him from trying. Jack is looking for a game that wants a long-term commitment, enjoys long walks on the beach, and has a similar interest in watching history take the wrong turn off the highway.

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