We operate three websites, each with their own specific reviews policy. Please consult the specific website sections below for more information.


While Wargamer.com does review various games, software and other physical products, it does not attribute any scoring or metrics of quality. Individual writers will however offer a recommendation or evaluation through the course of their review.

Pocket Tactics

Pocket Tactics is a metacritic-listed website that offers apps & games a rating out of five stars. The ratings can be summarised as follows:

1 Star = Definitely Not Recommended – App is either poorly made, poorly presented or otherwise fails to represent a decent investment in either time or money.

2 Star = Generally Not Recommended – While not the worst game of all time, this app generally still has a fair amount of problems associated with it. You'd have to be incredibly committed to either the theme, premise or mechanics to want to invest in this app.

3 Star = Russian Roulette – Middle-of-the-road game which has its various strengths and weaknesses but neither excels nor especially fails at anything. Probably still worth a try, but it depends if the theme/mechanics etc... are a draw.

4 Star = Generally Recommended – Apps that are given this rating present themselves well and have some smart ideas. A worthy candidate for your time and/or money.

5 Star = Highly Recommended – App is a paragon of justice and virtue, and probably saves old ladies or cats in its spare time. Incredibly well presented and/or made, and generally your life will lack any meaning if you don't try this out.

Strategy Gamer

At the time of writing, Strategy Gamer will be borrowing Pocket Tactics five-star system, mainly because the feature exists already and is easy to use. You can use the above chart for an indication as to what Strategy Gamer review scores mean, ignoring any mobile-specific language.

If you have any further queries or concerns regarding our review policy, please contact the editor-in-chief:

Joe Robinson
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