65 bottles of beer on the wall: Flying Pig Kickstarts a new Mark H. Walker design, '65

By Dave Neumann 17 Nov 2015 0

Back in December of 2014, Mark H. Walker started Flying Pig Games and launched what would be their first game, Night of Man. Night of Man used a new card-based system, developed by Walker, to tell the story of an Earth that had been invaded by alien forces, and the human attempts at driving them off world. Today, Flying Pig launched another Kickstarter for a game that uses the same card-based system, only this time they moved the action to the not-so-distant past, 1965. The game is called '65 which means we're dealing with the early parts of the Vietnam War and also that you'll have a hell of a time if you're trying to find it via a Google search. 

'65 is a squad-level game that covers the war from the Battle of Ia Drang to Operation Starlite, with eight scenarios in all. The game has huge counters measuring 1" to 1.375" and three 11x17" game boards. The main component, however, is the deck of 54 cards. These cards will determine your actions each turn as well as contain most of the game's rules, making it easy to simply sit down and play. How does it all work? I'll let the Mark H. Walker tell you himself:

The game turn is divided into a variable number of player impulses. At the start of each of their impulses, the players load their their hand with four cards. You may play a card, sometimes more, in each impulse. 

The cards are used to activate units to move, fire, assault, and accomplish special tasks, such as fire 40mm grenades, rally a squad, lay smoke, throw a satchel charge (watch out for those VC and NVA Sappers!). Special cards, such as Panic or Sustained Fire, can also enhance a unit's attacks.

For example, you can play a Move action on an American Rifle squad to move it to the limit of its movement allowance, or use a Fire action to fire the same squad at an VC team of Sappers. It's not, however, all about you. Your opponent will often have a chance to react to your actions, or at least mitigate their effects. Of course the game includes Opportunity Fire (if the unit is eligible and the player has a Fire card), and you can disrupt the enemies' best laid plans with a Light Wounds card that saves your Hero from elimination.

Each turn continues until three end turn cards have been drawn. Players then choose one card from their hand to keep, the administrative markers are removed from the board, and a new hand is dealt to each player. The players use that new hand, or the card kept from the previous turn, to bid for initiative in the new turn, and it all starts again.

'65 is for 2-3 players and has a play time of 1-3 hours depending on the scenario. If you're curious, head on over and check out the Kickstarter campaign. 




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