A Most Unusual Tale

By Owen Faraday 03 Aug 2015 0

Here comes the cavalry..

Here comes the cavalry...

I'm not one for ghost stories or any of that sort of hullabaloo so you can imagine my surprise, dear readers, when an ephemeral being appeared this morning in my bed chamber high atop Mount Hexmap. She was clad all in black oilcloth and wreathed in a sort of spectral smoke, which I immediately recognized was supernatural and I hoped wasn't staining my rug.

"Are you Owen Faraday?" the ghost demanded. 

"I am known by that name," I replied.

"The founder and publisher of Pocket Tactics?" she asked.

"Indeed Madam! I am the exceedingly humble proprietor of that website, known to all as the greatest mobile games website in the English language."

"Very well," she said, reaching out with a ghostly hand. "I have come to give you this." Onto my finger she slid a metal ring which was surprisingly heavy and suffused with an unnatural glow.

"Oh gosh, does this mean I'm the new Green Lantern?" I said.

"What? No?" She seemed irritated.

"Are we... married now?" The ghost flinched a bit at the suggestion and I did my best not to look insulted.

"Look at the ring, you fool," she said, pointing. And in fact on the ring was the logo of The Wargamer, this vaunted and ancient publication. "You're the new publisher of The Wargamer. Try not to mess it up. Also I've deducted a deposit for the ring from your first check." And with that she was gone.

So here I sit, charged with a great responsibility: to steward this great old site, which I've been reading since I've been reading since the 1990s when I was hunting up opponents for Close Combat multiplayer. I intend to breathe some new life into this place -- over next few months there's going to be some interesting stuff happening around here and my original site Pocket Tactics, and I can't wait to share it all with you. But for now, you can expect good old fashioned PC wargaming news right here, every day. If you know me from my work over at PT, it's a pleasure to see you again. If you've never come across my writing before, then I hope you'll like what I've got in store for you.

I'll be seeing you.



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