Green Man Gaming reveals new 40k game, Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command

By Sean Martin 01 Apr 2020 0

A new fighter command game, Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command, has been announced by Green Man Gaming. The game will see you step into the world of Warhammer 40k, taking control of either an Orc 'Skwadron Kommanda' or a Flight Commander in the Imperial Navy, facing off against each other in fiery aerial combat. A variety of aircraft from the setting will also appear; Thunderbolts, Marauder Bombers, Fightas, and Bommas, splitting the strategy between mid-air dogfights and devastating ground-based attacks.

Aeronautica Imperialis is being developed by UK industry veterans, Binary Planets, who have worked individually on games such as Warhead in the 80s, or the Independence War Franchise in the 90s. In terms of setting, the game seems to be drawing upon their shared influences of science fiction and tabletop gaming. There also looks to be a surprising degree of depth with customisable weapon systems, altitude specialisms, and pilot manouvres. 

The game will also launch with a story-based campaign, but as is usual for the 40k setting, will expand in terms of the factions, bringing new units, but also specialisms based upon each of them. 

In terms of how things will function, the action will be a mixture of turn-based and RTS, seeing players make their choices before watching the atmospheric dog fights play out in real-time. There will also be multiplayer, whether facing off head-to-head against another squadron commander online, or against an AI player in one of the several, unique, story-driven game scenarios.

When asked about Games Workshop, and the partnership with Binary Planets, Chief Marketing Officer for Green Man Gaming, Ian McGregor said this:

Following the creation of our Digital Partners Programme at the end of last year, we are very proud to now announce our first game under this new system and couldn’t be happier that it’s Games Workshop licenced title. Games Workshop are worldwide leaders in tabletop miniatures gaming, and the Warhammer 40,000 brand is a supreme testament to that. After 45 years at the top, it’s not surprising that Games Workshop has an incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase, and we can’t wait to show what we’ve been working on, whilst also welcoming a whole new audience of passionate gamers to this phenomenon.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command will launch on Steam in late May 2020, and will set you back £18.99 ($24.99).



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