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Somewhat out of the blue ? it wasn?t mentioned at July?s press conference ? we have received a few screenshots of this new title due to be published, I understand, later this year. We will bring you more news as we hear it and, of course, reviews and reaction.

The Spanish Civil War is certainly a different subject choice for a game. The conflict ran from July 1936 to April 1939, and was a western fore-shadowing of World War 2 which saw the reformed German army and air force intervening on the side of the Nationalists, with the USSR and international volunteers on the side of the Republicans. Often romanticised because of the international volunteers serving in the conflict from sense of loyalty to a wider cause, the war included many atrocities such as the bombing of Guernica which inspired Pablo Picasso?s famous painting. Many conclusions, often hopelessly wrong, were drawn about future warfare from this conflict.

So here is the information supplied:

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Game Data:

  • Complexity: Medium to High
  • Field of Play: Strategic
  • Historical Period: Interwar period, Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
  • Theatre: Spain
  • Unit Scale: Battalion and Regiments
  • Turn Play: Turn-Based WEGO
  • Players: 1-2
  • AI: Yes
  • TCP/IP: No
  • PBEM: Yes
  • Game Editor: No
  • Manual: Printed manual & PDF
  • Resolution: Minimum 1024x768 


With España 1936 you could recreate the famous battles of Jarama, Guadalajara and Ebro, command the International Brigades or the Army of Africa. Could you conquer Madrid and force the Republic to surrender, or will you lead to victory the Anarchist units of Durruti?

With a high level of rich historical detail and historical accuracy, it is the first computer strategy game covering the whole conflict. The player must face the real dilemmas and challenges of the Republicans and Nationalists during the war. Not only must you build and train armies, manoeuvre them and engage the enemy, but you must also have to manage your nation resources in order to get the best from them.

Using the successful and famous AGE engine, España: 1936 covers the complete Spanish Civil War conflict from the beginning to the end in the summer of 1939. With more than 200 regions, complete with cities, roads, weapons factories, weather types, factions and sub-factions. Featuring the complete war scenario and the ?Fall of the North? scenario, hundreds of historical leaders, units and events, España: 1936 is a must-have for any grand strategy fan.


Main Features

  • Scenarios - 3 tutorials, 1 Fall of the North scenario and a Grand Campaign featuring the whole war.
  • Detailed game model - includes features such as Weather, Attrition, Supply and Fog of War
  • Command System - based on the Revolution Under Siege system allowing representation of historical Spanish Civil War army command.
  • Quick and simple system of Construction of Units - allows players to choose and purchase their forces as they wish.
  • Decisions features - playable on the map, like wild cards assets. This innovative card system lets you trigger events such as aerial bombardments or partisan attacks, which used wisely can change the flow of a campaign.
  • Diversified set of historical events - allowing multiple choices of events and options, thereby enhancing flexibility and re-playability.
  • Interwar period warfare - different updates and other rules, in particular combat system adapted to the period between the two World Wars.
  • Game map - showing the Spanish mainland and neighbouring lands, with over 300 different regions and sea areas - a lot of room for manoeuvre.
  • Over 200 historical leaders - each with specific pictures. 90 historical models of combat elements (Legion, Anarchists, Regulars, Militia ?)



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