An Early Access to Rule them All – Slitherine’s Sovereignty is entering Steam Early Access program today

By Nik Gaukroger 09 Apr 2015 0

As we noted a couple of weeks ago Slitherine has had a punt at the fantasy game market a couple of times before with Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars, Drums of War and most recently Hell. Bit of a mixed bunch to be fair. However, now they look to be making a determined push with the release of Sovereignty: Crown of Kings on Steam Early Access.

Sovereignty is being developed by Slitherine’s long term partner The Lordz Games Studios and we had an early preview of the game at the Slitherine Group’s annual press conference in May last year. What we did see back then was that the game would be a strategic campaign game with the players trying to take over the world. However, you could also play out battles in a tactical mode. Whilst it was far from complete it did look like a game with potential, but getting the strategic and tactical parts to mesh could be tricky.

The Early Access comes with a discounted price of $24.99 and, of course, a chance to influence the final development of the game. Probably worth a punt for fantasy fans.



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Epsom, UK - April 9, 2015.

“Force is all conquering, but its victories are short lived.” (Abraham Lincoln – Former US president)

A wind of change is blowing through the lands of Sovereignty. From the southern coasts of the Azures Islands to the northern forests of Jotland, from the western craggy mountains of Odenheim to the eastern desolate wastelands of The Iron Barony, 35 leaders are observing each other with mistrust. They know hard times are coming. However they also know that in the midst of chaos, there will certainly be opportunities to expand their realms, grow rich and forge solid alliances!

Today we’re very excited to announce that Sovereignty: Crown of Kings is available through Steam Early Access program! So players can jump into action now, select any kingdom they want on the map and lead it to glory… or devastation!

After three years of development, Sovereignty is already mature enough to be shared publicly. All of the main features have been implemented and the game is already fully playable from start to finish. However, developer Gothic Labs now feel the need to collect community feedback and exchange ideas to make Sovereignty a remarkable fantasy strategy game.

By joining the Early Access program, players have the chance immerse themselves in a unique world with a deep lore and solid warfare, diplomatic and economic mechanics. By wisely combining soft and hard power, and mastering both strategic and tactical layers, they can eventually achieve specific local goals before going on to rule the whole continent! Last but not least they can get the game at only $24.99, before the price increases after the Early Access period.

Get more information on Sovereignty from its official Steam page.






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