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By Nik Gaukroger 28 Aug 2014 0

Back in November 2013 Slitherine released a Sci-Fi 4X game, Pandora: First Contact which was billed as a sort of successor, certainly inspired by, Sid Meier?s Alpha Centauri ? something of a hard act to follow really as Alpha Centauri was very popular back in the day. Despite the baggage of AC our reviewer was impressed by the offering saying:

?All in all, I highly recommend Pandora: First Contact. It is a very well polished 4X game in the genre of science fiction which will be sure to delight fans of the genre while being easy enough to pick up and play that any casual player who is looking to expand his strategic repertoire will not be disappointed with this selection. Whether it's the Mass Effect like soundtrack, the rolling of tanks across Xenomorph hives, or the rich quotes from famous leaders and philosophers that provide the flavour texts for events, Pandora: First Contact shines with particular distinction and should not be underestimated as a strategy game worth playing over and over again.?

The full review for those who want to go back is here, and an interview with the developers here.

However, soon after release there were a number of issues raised by players about the game, not least being that the various factions were a bit bland and that diplomacy was not that well implemented. Additionally, Sid Meier?s Civilization: Beyond Earth was announced (website can be found here) which gives Pandora a real heavy-weight competitor in the genre ? and one which will no doubt sell by the bucket load (although perhaps surprisingly, Slitherine tell me that following this announcement sales of Pandora had a noticeable boost ?).

In July Slitherine announced that there would be an update to Pandora that would, they said, address the issues being raised by their players, and now that have given us a release date for the expansion ? September 19th. Time will tell if this is a success, however, we will try and bring you a review of the update when it is available.


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The Slitherine press release on the latest update to Pandora: First Contact is:


Epsom, UK ? August 28, 2014.

?Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse.? (Victor Hugo- French Romantic writer)

Since the release of Pandora: First Contact in late 2013, developers from Proxy Studios have been carefully collecting players? feedback and thinking about the pros and cons that were highlighted by the community. At the core of this debate were requests about the diversity in this 4X sci-fi game, and the richness of the diplomatic relations between the factions. As a result the team has been working hard to make the game deeper and released several patches and a free expansion ? Return of Messari ? that went in this direction, and brought brand new content with a game changer that ensured fun and challenge for the late game.

Even though diplomacy has been improved by the patches, it was still not a decisive feature in the game. But the time for blind and demonstrative war will come to an end on September 19th, the official release date of Eclipse of Nashira, the ultimate expansion for Pandora: First Contact.

Indeed this new add-on is really focused on shadow warfare and underground moves. Espionage, sabotage, riots, and technology theft are only few examples of the new sneaky possibilities that await the players. At the same time the different factions start to expand beyond the planet's landmass to generate more resources, opening up a new frontier. Once more the balance of power should be reconsidered on this inhospitable planet, and both ruse and low blow will now play a major role on the surface of Pandora.

We are also pleased to announce that the game will be available both on our stores and on Steam!


Get more information on Pandora: Eclipse of Nashira from its official product page.


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