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By Alex Connolly 01 Jun 2016 0

After May's colossal payload, June looked akin to a pre-dawn YMLT. Not so! The month ahead sports a few heavy hitters and some curios worth keeping on the paper strips. Read on to see what's touching down this month.

Order of Battle - Winter War


It might be hot on the heels of a humid Solomons expansion, but The Artistocrats are dropping the temperature with the next Order of Battle expansion. Along with ninety new pieces of hardware and new snow-related mechanics, it's up to the Finns to send the Soviets and Germans packing. Entailing the namesake clash, the follow-up Continuation War and Lapland War, there's a lot to chew on for those willing to fend off the foreign forces in Scandinavian frigidity. If the Pacific was anything to go by, this next expansion should be a hoot. Order of Battle: Winter War trudges through the drift sometime this month.

Scourge of War: Waterloo - Quatre Bras

ScourgeOfWar QuatreBras

Everyone's favourite middle-management combat strategy series is back. Hitting rewind and hopping the pond, ditch Johnny Reb for Jean Rebecque, or any other under the banner of Ney, the Prince of Orange or Wellington. Focusing on the famous prelude clash to Waterloo, the Quatre Bras expansion will feature what you've come to know and love about the Scourge of War games; namely armies not turning on a dime nor necessarily doing what a commander wants, or when he or she wants it. And if you're a battered Dutch line, you might want to change uniforms if you stray near the Scots. See you thereafter at Ligny! Quatre Bras arrives this month.

Hearts of Iron IV


The heaviest of hearts returns. Paradox Interactive have been enjoying a growth in audience like no other, with the leaps-and-bounds success of Europa Universalis IV, medieval soap-opera simulator Crusader Kings II and the freshly-launched pan-galactic romp Stellaris. Hearts of Iron IV is set to get down and even dirtier in the gears of the the great conflict. With greater emphasis on elements like manpower, as well as deeper simulations of combat, Paradox are tilting at the fourth outing being the most comprehensive period grand strategy yet. Time to stroke those beards and feel the pounding tick of a real-time world at war. Hearts of Iron IV squelches up the beach under fire on June 6.



The dark horse of June, we're left with little to guide Feudalism to its gate. A medieval power-play simulator with a civic bent, Feudalism looks to tackle the fire in the fiefdom with emphasis on the peons beneath your palanquin. Between 800AD and the fall of European feudalism, this turn-based strategy will have players steer their dynastic ship through the tumult of the era. Is this Crusader Kings: The Board Game? Time, in this case a week or two, will tell.  



When I think Unreal Engine 4, I think...well...solitaire-driven dungeon crawler. Facetiousness aside, the effervescent Solitairica is upon us, and our only option is to be intrigued. Games powered by the grand old dame, not to be confused with Old Maid, are no stranger to quality and Solitairica looks to be no different. While this one does fall slightly beyond the grizzle and chits of the Wargamer constituency, I've a feeling it'll be a tidy little tactical romp, one that just might crowbar a smile from the most stoic of grogs. The house has dealt by the time you read this.

Artificial Defense

bandicam 2016 04 18 13 03 38 026

William Gibson's Spooky. I wouldn't usually include gear like Artificial Defense, but the concept was too fascinating not to share. A genre mash of tower defense and shooter, you play as a system monitor in charge of keeping digital invaders from blitzing your bits. What separates this from being just another Beachhead 2000 is the art style and, most satisfyingly, the delay between triggering attacks to their impact. There's a certain visual catharsis to proceedings; a midway glee to anticipating an enemy's movement and sconning it into oblivion. It's also available on mobile platforms, and will hit....wait....BAM, Steam on June 2.

The Battle for Sector 219


Physical?! Why, that's for army recruit hopefuls. Turn your head and cough. It's a digital age, and with that, comes another transmogrified card game. System sequel to The Battle for Hill 218, an abstract little gem of world war 2-esque aesthetic, The Battle for Sector 219 has commanders hurling science-fiction forces at each other for control of a capital city. Why? Who cares! When? June 3, you impatient sod. No doubt we'll have top men -- top men -- on the review job for the launch, so keep in the five, pipe by pipe. 

Meridian: Squad 22


Meridian returns! There's something very admirable about solo projects, particularly when we're dealing with an RTS. That's a lot of units to render, a lot of systems to tool and a lot of expectations to meet, if not hopefully exceed. Squad 22 is the sequel to Meridian: New World, an unrepentant old school strategy of cagey Command & Conquer ilk. It wasn't wholly successful, but disregarding the squeal-and-tear-ridden squalor of Steam reviews, not entirely without merit. Like its predecessor, Squad 22 shucks multiplayer in favour of a solo campaign, so those chasing fun with friends best find another game. With a bright, boxy aesthetic that channels the early Oughts genre staples like Dark Reign 2 and Emperor: Battle for Dune, I'm keeping a cautious eye on this noble endeavour. Meridian: Squad 22 trumps down the Pelican gang-ramp June 1.

Another month meets the Wargamer air bridge. Not quite the peak flight chaos of last month, but there's something seemingly for everyone in June. Keep an eye on the split-flaps and we'll be back to help lose a few quid. 

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