ARMA 3 ‘Encore’ update now live for all 4 million players

By Joe Robinson 02 Aug 2018 0

Bohemia Interactive pride themselves on their post-release support for their games. While they’re not afraid to create premium add-ons, they’re also perfectly happily releasing platform updates and free patches that also come with new content for players.

Entering its fifth year since launch, ARMA 3 just received its 81st platform updated yesterday. Version 1.84, titled ‘Encore’, adds a whole range of fixes and improvements (full change-log here), but also adds some bonus content:

  • USS Liberty Destroyer Ship

The NATO carrier strike group has a new addition; a destroyer-class ship with detailed interiors and new naval fire-support options. It's also capable of launching/recovering small naval vessels and helicopters. The USS Liberty is a static object that can be placed around the map via the Scenario Editor.

  • MIM-145 Defender  SAM System & AN/MPQ-105 Radar System

A stationary missile system used by NATO forces that presents a beyond-visual-range threat to even the most modern of aircraft. It can make use of the Data Link via the AN/MPQ-106 radar system.

  • S-750 Rhea  SAM System &  R-750 Cronus Radar System

CSAT's variant of a stationary long-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system capable of engaging aerial targets from beyond-visual-range. It works in tandem with the R-750 Cronus radar system connected via the Data Link.

  • Anti-Radiation Missiles & Small Diameter Guided Bomb

Both NATO and CSAT receive new anti-radiation missiles, which are designed to auto-lock on ground targets that have their active radar sensor switched on. NATO fighter jets can also be equipped with new, relatively small, air-to-surface precision-guided bombs.

This marks the second major update for ArmA 3 this year, with a third update planned for Q$ which will bring a new single-player scenario to owners of the Apex expansion, titled Old Man. It will apparently experiment with open-world gameplay a bit more and serve as an epilogue to the game’s The East Wind and Apex Protocol campaigns.

arma3 update encore screenshot 02

Moving forward, the studio seems to be opening things up to third-parties to step in and take up the reigns. In a development post made back in June, Bohemia want to start courting third party development teams and community creators to create more premium DLC for ArmA 3. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the fruits of that labour in the months to come.



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