News Bulletin: Armored Brigade & Combat Mission: Shock Force 2

By Joe Robinson 19 Oct 2018 0

There’s not going to be a full Wargamer Weekly today, as technically I’m not here, but there are a couple of things we felt you might want to know about.

First up – Hardcore WW3 Close Combat/Combat Mission war game Armored Brigade now has a release date. You’ll be able to plug that Fulda Gap come November 15th, and if you want to know some of our early impressions you can read this write-up we posted the other day.

Secondly, those patiently awaiting the release of Battlefront’s Combat Mission Shock Force 2 have received some good news, and some bad news. The good news is the company have released a demo of the game so you can get your hands on some of what they’ve been working on.

The bad news is, the full game’s release has been delayed somewhat. Turns out Battlefront have somehow forgotten all of the lessons they’ve learned In the years since they first started their business and realised, rather last minute, that this videogames malarkey might take a bit longer than they’d planned.

You can read more info on this Grogheads thread (page 30) but essentially they’re going to release some of the CMSF 2 content now, and then release the rest once they’ve finished. You’re looking at the base game and some stand-alone scenarios in the first wave, along with the Marine’s campaign. The British Forces and NATO stuff will be in the second wave.

That's all for this week, catch you all on Monday!







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