Armored Brigade and the Serious Business of Making Maps

By Joe Robinson 15 Feb 2018 0

Matrix Game’s upcoming real-time tactical wargame, Armored Brigade, is set during a fictional conflict between NATO and the Warsaw PACT between 1961 & 1995.


It started life as a long-running freeware passionate project, which we’ve looked at before, but Matrix’s commercial version is investing a lot of attention in areas like the maps.

Games can live and die on how well their aesthetics speak to the audience they’re trying to serve. The latest development diary for the game looks at how game designer Dmitriy Maksimov has been using historical maps to create the game world where the action takes place.

For example, here is a comparison between an old road map of the Fulda Gap area, compared with its in-gam counterpart:

scrn1 4

scrn1 3

In Dimitriy’s own words:

It seems to me that in wargames (at least in our game) there is a big difference between the level design and how it relates to real life. In ordinary games, the level-designer first of all tries to make the map more interesting, and he as an artist painting all its details with the calculation of how it would be interesting to fight on this map: how to hide a platoon of recon units between these trees, and then place a hill to open the view on the battlefield for means of Anti-Air units.

In our game (as well as in some other wargames) we tried to adhere to a realistic landscape: if there is a forest with a footpath on a hill in real life, then in the game it should be the same. Of course, “the game” is primarily entertainment, but in our case we wanted to find interesting real world locations for fighting fascinating battles.

We recommend reading the rest of the diary to see more. Armoured Brigade is being developed by Veitikka Studios and will be published by Matrix Games. There is no release date as of yet.



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