WW2 Roguelike/Strategy Hybrid Armoured Commander II hits Steam Early Access next week

By Joe Robinson 06 May 2020 3

We’ve been a quiet fan of Gregory Adam Scott since we first looked at his Armoured Commander passion project back in January 2017. This was a low-thrills, turn-based sim/strategy game where you were put in charge of an M4 Sherman Tank during the D-Day Normandy landings.

It looked very retro, but also highly detailed and very compelling.

Since then the developer has been hard at work making a sequel. You may have seen mention of Armoured Commander II here and there, with updates mainly showing up in the regular Wargamer Weekly column. Recently Mr. Scott hit his Beta milestones, and today we’ve just learned that he plans to bring AC2 to Steam’s Early Access program on May 14th.

If you’ve not seen any of our past coverage, here’s the official Steam page blurb to help summarize the game:

In Armoured Commander II, you play the role of a tank commander in World War II, leading your crew through a campaign in one of the major conflicts of the war. ArmCom2 features multiple campaigns set between 1939 and 1945, and hundreds of vehicles, guns, and infantry unit types. The terrain map for each combat day and the types of enemies you encounter are procedurally generated, which means that each playthrough of a campaign will bring new and unexpected challenges. Your commander and crew gain experience and can improve their stats and gain skills over time, but they are also vulnerable to injury and may be seriously wounded or killed during the course of a campaign.

Up to this point, Mr. Scott has made his test files available for free via his website, but once the game hits 'Version 3’ and goes on steam, all future updates will only be available via the Early Access version.

armoured commander 2 steam gameplay

His road-map for AC2 includes adding campaigns, units and mechanics for regions such as North Africa, Italy and the Eastern Front. The game is currently very playable, with the focus for the early access being adding new content and collecting feedback ‘as is’. He expects the full game to be completed by the Summer of 2021.



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