Armoured Commander II Hits Restart

By Joe Robinson 20 Feb 2018 0

We have a lot of time for Armoured Commander here at The Wargamer. Sean’s original AAR was as much a joy to read as it was edit and combined with his follow-up gave a pretty interesting insight into one of digital wargaming’s hidden gems.


One-man band Gregory Scott has been hard at work on a sequel, Armoured Commander II. As of last October progress was slow, but steady, but last night Scott posted again to say he’d gone back to the drawing board;

I wasn’t happy with how the game was developing and I had learned a lot over the previous few months that would be difficult to implement in an established code base. So I started with a new, empty Python file and copied over each element of the game piece by piece, making changes and improvements along the way.

One of the main things he wanted to do was bring back the interactions with the crew that made ArmCom1 so enjoyable. If you’ve never heard of it before, Armoured Commander puts you in charge of a lone tank & crew in the post D-Day operations in Normandy. You’ve got a campaign map, and you have to clear each area on that map by getting from the start zone to the end zone without dying.


Along the way you’ll have to capture key points and deal with enemy ambushes. Sometimes you have allies with you, sometimes you don’t. As far as we know it’s a one-man indie project, and ff you want to try out Armoured Commander 1 it’s free to download here.

Scott has put up a new weekly build of the re-started Armoured Commander II for players to test here. You can follow Scott's twitter account for the game for (irregular) updates.



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