At the Tip of the Spear - the new Command Modern Air/Naval Operations update

By Nik Gaukroger 09 Mar 2015 0

In 2013 Matrix Games released Command Modern Air/Naval Operations, the successor to the near legendary Harpoon. You can read the review Jim Cobb did for us here. Since then the game, if you can really call such an in depth military simulation a game, has moved on to version 1.07, although we also carried a review of progress to v1.05 which can be read here



The press release about the latest version reads … 



Arlington, VT, March 06, 2015.



Since its initial release in 2013, Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations has consistently evolved in order to offer to the players an unparalleled simulation of modern warfare. Waves of updates have turned the game into an incredibly detailed and flexible product that reached a peak with the release of the Wargame of the Year Edition last September. But in the end even this was simply just a step along the ambitious roadmap of developer WarfareSims. Providing powerful tools to the community and refining their gem has always been the motto of the developers. So the release of update 1.07 today is another step in this direction! 

Along with the usual bug fixes and database additions, version 1.07 introduces elements highly anticipated by the community. First of all there is the implementation of the Weapon Release Authorization (WRA) feature that allows players and scenario designers to precisely tailor weapon allocation logic at different scales. And it’s also an opportunity to unveil Mission Editor 2.0, a powerful tool that offers way more customization options for the behavior of units. And on top of that, another improvement is the integration of the Scenario Attachments which allows bundling of all the assets with the scenario file to make the game even more user-friendly. 

Of course these new features come free to all existing owners of Command and players will be also happy to discover that there is much more to enjoy in 1.07: 

  • Much more refined mechanics for air engagements & evasion, taking into account target speed and impact angle. This outright kills a number of player "cheats"
  • Significantly expanded Lua-scripting features
  • Revised weapon allocation screen
  • Right-click menu also for contacts and some new nifty functionality for them (e.g. "ghost out" a low-interest contact to reduce map clutter)
  • Heavier effect of proficiency levels on damage control & underway repairs
  • Huge performance increase in scenarios with zones 

Get more information on Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations WOTY from its official product page 


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