Banned Civil War games back on the App Store

By Nik Gaukroger 29 Jun 2015 0

As was widely reported and commented on last week Apple pulled a number of games from the App Store due to the inclusion of a Confederate flag – not that it was THE Confederate flag as often stated, but hey, that’s just a detail. However, for those who may have just missed it, they are now back and available after some minor changes for one.

Games-Lab’s Ultimate General: Gettysberg is back with no changes made – indeed Games-Lab refused to countenance any and were willing to not have the game available through the App Store if needs be. Their website says: "After several late night phone calls with Apple yesterday and today the game has returned to App Store the way it was… in 1863,".

HexWar on the other hand have made some changes to their Civil War: 1862 and 1863. These now have new icons and screenshots that don't show the flag. "The correct flags will appear in game," developer HexWar says, "Just no rebel flags in the icon, splash, or prominent in screenshots".

You may like to read what James Tanaleon had to say on this issue in his piece “What the Flag Controversy Tells Us About Historical Strategy Games” last week here on



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