Battle Fleet 2 Sails Onto PC, Mac, IPad and Android

By Nik Gaukroger 17 Jul 2014 0

Back in June we previewed the PC version of Capital J Media's WW2 naval game, Battle Fleet 2, which you can read here.

As the game is now released on all formats for the princely sum of $9.99 we thought it would be a good idea to have a quick look at how the game works on a tablet. After all, just because it works OK on a desktop does not mean that the tablet version will work as well (or, indeed, vice versa). So, with the help of the kind people at Capital J Media we obtained a release copy of the iPad version and have given the game a quick run out to see how it plays. A full review is in the works and will appear as soon as it is finished - we may even squeeze in some cross platform multi-player into our testing, but no absolute promises on that one.


So, onto the iPad ... For reference this test was undertaken on an iPad4.

First thing to say is that as far as I can see from this quick test the game looks just like it does on the PC: have a gander at the screenshots at the bottom and compare them to those in the original article. The one change I think I've spotted is that the ship artwork has been improved. The sea is still beautiful, no idea why it appeals so much, but I'm not complaining about it.

Game controls are also just as per the PC version. This is not unexpected as it was clear from the PC alpha version that the game had been designed with tablet use in mind (no right mouse clicks needed for example) and so the developers have not needed to change the interface or develop clunky work-arounds for PC specific controls. OK, you may say this is a blindingly obvious thing to do, however, experience has shown that it doesn't always happen even where games are planned to be desktop and tablet from the start. I have noticed, however, that as the interface relies upon 'dials' to direct ship movement and shooting direction, that you need to use the 'fine tuning' control of +/- buttons to get the exact range, etc. you desire. On the PC you can usually manage this with the mouse pointer alone, however, with my fat fingers I needed the +/- option. Again this shows that the interface was designed with touch use in mind and so is a positive thing and not to be read as a criticism.

So the conclusion of this quick and dirty first impression of the iPad (and I would assume Android) version of Battle Fleet 2 is that it is going to be just as good (or otherwise) as the PC/Mac version, and as mentioned above, a full review will be forthcoming ASAP.



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